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cause they are dumb :D

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They were politicians who supported the aggressive conduct of the war.

Their sons were getting drafted!

The same reason the US started fighting : POLITICIANS. Politicians in general and liberal politicians in particular.

The politicians. If they had let the commanders run the battlefield, there would have been less casualty. Instead, the war was run by politicians.

Politicians yes (they funded it); People no, they had to fight it.

It didn't, until their son's began to get drafted.

Vietnam veterans, Hippies, and some politicians.

As he stated, he "...didn't want to be the first US president to lose a war..."

The Vietnam War did not succeed because of the terrain they were fighting in. Another over whelming factor was the restrictions that were put on the military to use their full capability to end the war by politicians

The Vietnam War started as part of the Cold War; communism vs. democracy. The United States feared the spread of Communism from the Soviet Union. And corrupt politicians in Vietnam used this fear to justify their desire to keep the wealth of Vietnam for themselves.

SP/4 Al Gore (Vice President of the US) was a GI working for "Stars and Stripes" in Vietnam.

since the war most American presidents have been reluctant to commit US ground Troops to any war or conflict. Fearing "another Vietnam", politicians and leaders seem only to want to place American troops in war or situations in which victory is assured

There is no winner in WAR. People die. Politicians lie and soldiers die.

America start vietnam war! Ok boi! Vietnam no start nothing!

The Vietnam war was one of the more dangerous wars in recent history. In addition, there was very little reason to enter the war.

No war in Vietnam!The awnser is that they did not want the war to be happening and they were on the side of the south Vietnam war and was against that there was violence and wanted the south to be free of Vietnam but eventully they lost. Hop it helped

Yes. Vietnam want peace, not war. Of course Vietnam is the heroic country.

The NUMBER ONE reason for protesting the war was THEY DIDN'T WANT TO GO TO VIETNAM (THE DRAFT!).

Doves were politicians--or any voters, for that matter--who favored making peace with the North Vietnamese and getting out of their country. Hawks wanted to stay and win (i. e. tell the Vietnamese how to run their country).

Believed the war could be won.

For the most part; supporters of the Vietnam War were: Family & Friends supporting a family member in the US Military or in Vietnam; and Veterans; as well as civilian employees in the Defense Fields. Australia's Liberal Party and Country Party politicians and front line soldiers also supported the war.

America did not want the communist north to invade the south of vietnam. the cold war was a fight against communism.

people wanted the Vietnam war because they thought it was for the best. when really, it wasn't. people wanted the Vietnam war because they thought it was for the best. when really, it wasn't.