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Q: Why did the arctic monkeys call the song the view from the afternoon?
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Which song from arctic monkeys do you like?

Every song by arctic monkeys are godly.

When was Brick by Brick - Arctic Monkeys song - created?

Brick by Brick - Arctic Monkeys song - was created on 2011-03-04.

What is the best arctic monkeys song?

If you were there, beware

When was When the Sun Goes Down - Arctic Monkeys song - created?

When the Sun Goes Down - Arctic Monkeys song - was created on 2006-01-16.

What is the most popular song for the Arctic monkeys?

The most popular song for the Artic monkeys is "Do I Wanna Know".

What album of the arctic monkeys Balaclava on?

The song Balaclava is on the album "Favourite Worst Nightmare".

Is the Arctic Monkeys song called Brianstorm or Brainstorm?

Its Brianstorm! A LOT of people sy its Brainstorm but its not!

What genre of music do the Arctic Monkeys play?

Even though the Arctic Monkeys change the way that there music sounds from one song to the next, they are categorized as rock music. There latest album is a great example of their ability to change their sound.

In what year did the Arctic Monkeys release there first number one song?

They released it in 17 october 2005 and the song was i bet you look good on the dancefloor

What is the 1976 song 'Afternoon Delight' written about?

Sky rockets in flight, afternoon delight, afternoon delight, are some of the lyrics that refers to a couple deciding to make love in the afternoon instead of at night and they call it afternoon delight.

What is the meaning of the song This Afternoon by Nickel-back?

The song "This Afternoon" is a song about a group of friend's drinking.

What song has lyric sunny afternoon?

Sunny afternoon- the kinks

When was the song Marty Bum by Arctic Monkeys released?

Mardy Bum was released by the Artic Monkeys on the album, 'Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not.' on the 23th January, 2006. It was produced by Domino album label.

When was the song 'Nine in the afternoon' released?

The song 'Nine in the Afternoon' is a song written by the American rock band "Panic! at the Disco". This song was recorded by the band in the year 2007.

Is the song Nine in the Afternoon by Panic at the Disco really going to be on Rock Band 2?

yes, the song nine in the afternoon is on there(:

What are song titles beginning with the word afternoon?

Afternoon Delight by Starland Vocal Band.

What is the song from the lancer commercial where they use the trampoline to load the car?

The band is called Yves Klein Blue, and the song is called Polka. I could've sworn it was the Arctic Monkeys.... Anyway, you can look up their video for 'Polka' on Youtube.

Who sang Sunny Afternoon?

Ray Davies from The Kinks wrote the song Sunny Afternoon but it was first perfomed by The Who

What song has the lyric stop making those eyes at me and il stop making my eyes at you?

Arctic Monkeys - I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor from the album Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not

What is the name of Nickelbacks newest song?

Their newest song is "This Afternoon" from their album "Dark Horse" .

Is there a song with an animated band of monkeys?

The Gorillaz are the band

What is the song on the visa add?

Tuesday Afternoon by The Moody Blues

Who exactly are the monkeys in lazy song video?

The monkeys are the Poreotics/Poreotix But I don't know which monkey was who(in the Poreotix crew)

What are the monkeys in the lazy song called?

Poreotics Dance Crew

Rehearse in past tense?

rehearsed We rehearsed the song all afternoon.