Japan in WW2
WW2 Axis Powers

Why did the axis power form?

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Who did Germany form an alliance of axis power with?


Why did Italy Japan and Germany form axis power?

They were desperate

Was Hitler an Axis Power or Allied Power?

Axis Power.

Was Germany an axis power or allied power?

Germany is an axis power.

Was the Soviet Union an axis power or allied power?

The soviet Union was an axis AND allied power.

Is Italy an allied or axis power?

Axis .

Axis bank full form?


Was Hungary a axis or allied power in World War 2?

Hungary was an Axis power.

Who was the axis of Pearl Harbor?

The Axis power which attacked Pearl Harbor was Japan.

Is battle of Britain axis or allied power?


Was Japan allies or Axis?

Japan was an Axis power

When did the Axis Powers form?

They formed the Axis in 1937.

Is Japan an Allied or Axis power?

Axis it was against the US.

The last axis power to surrender was who?

The last major Axis power to surrender in WWII was Imperial Japan.

What is axis power?

have 3 major axis power germany,italy,and japan were part of a miltary,alliance

How do you use Axis power in a sentence?

Germany was one of the axis power countries in World War 2.

Axis bank abbreviation?


What is the plural possessive of axis?

The plural form of the noun axis is axes.The plural possessive form is axes'.

What is the Axis Power Rule?

Do you want to know who ruled the Axis Powers?

Who was US axis powers?

The Axis Power Was Italy, Germany and Japan

What are two example of wind power?

horrizontal axis and vertical axis

Would fascist government mean axis or allies power?


Was Great Britain an Axis power?

No, the axis consisted of Italy, Japan and Germany. Great Britain was an Allied power

Does the axis form a joint with the hip bone?

No, the axis is located in the neck.

What is the plural to axis?

The plural form of axis is axes (pronounced aksi:z).

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