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Why did the border states stay in the Union?


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the border states were slave states but they were against secession


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Border States were states on the border between the Union and Confederacy. The border states were loyal to the Union, but to keep them loyal, the Union kept slavery legal in them.

because he issued the Emancipation Proclaimation that applied to slave states that left the Union. he wanted the border states to stay loyal to the Union and besides.... the border states never did secession anyways. hope this helps! :)

Missouri, Kentucky and Maryland were the border states that remained in the Union.

Most slave states left the union. The "border" states that practiced slavery, but stayed in the union, probably realized it would be too difficult to fight off the North.

border states are states that were left in the union but stil had slavery.

yes ,along with the three other border states of Delaware, Maryland, and Kentucky. although all four states allowed slavery, they stayed in the Union

California and Oregon did not share a border with the 21 other Union states.

All the border states were in two minds about secession, but narrowly voted to stay in the Union. Lincoln made special efforts to keep them onside. He allowed Kentucky to remain neutral for the first year. And in Maryland, he (illegally) jailed pro-Confederate leaders.

The five border states that remained in the union were: Delaware, Maryland, Kentucky, Missouri, and West Virginia.

The border states were Kentucky, Missouri, West Virginia, Delaware, and Maryland.

Their were 21 states in the union, that's including the border states.

There were 5 Union border states that stayed in the Union.

During the Civil War, border states were slave states that had not succeeded from the Union. The four border states were Delaware, Kentucky, Maryland, and Missouri.

The border states were Missouri, Kentucky, Maryland, and Delaware.

The states that DID NOT secede from the Union was Delaware, Maryland, Kentucky, and Missouri. These four states did not secede from the Union because They were Border states, meaning they were between the Union and the Confederacy.

the border states didnt secede to the union or the confederacy the five border states arewest virginiamarylanddelewarekentuckymissouri

The Border States were a key part of the US Civil War. They were slave states that did not join the Confederacy, it was important for the Union to prevent that they did not secede and join the South.

None of the Border States seceded even though they were slave states.

Delaware (perhaps the most overlooked border state), Kentucky, Maryland and Missouri were the border states that did not secede from the Union.

Border states were slave states that remained in the Union and fought for the side of the North during the American Civil War. They were in between Northern and Southern states.

Lincoln wanted to keep the border states in the Union.

The strength of the Union is what caused the three border states to remain in the Union. The states had to take a look at the fighting sides and decide which they felt would benefit them the most at the end of the war.

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