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sorry they did not that's myth propogated by the Americans

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2020-09-22 18:52:39

no it's not a myth. if you look it up there's proof that this is true.

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How many more soldiers did the Americans have than british?


Did more native Americans fight for british or Americans?

they fighted for british

Why did Americans win revolution war despite many disadvantages?

The Americans had more money than the British.

Did the Americans or the British win Bunker Hill?

The British won the battle, but suffered many more casualties.

Why did it take more than two years for the British and the Americans to agree to the terms of the Treaty of Paris?

I think it is because before, the British and Patriots were determined, but then British started to lose their advantages and surrendered to the Patriots who were willing to fight till the end. However, the British started to lose hope.

Are Americans more fat then the British?

The Americans are fatter.

How many Americans need to lose more than 50 pounds?

More than half of Americans are considered over weight. Those Americans need to loose weight, and most nearly fifty pounds. Of the half of Americans, a third of them need to lose at least fifty pounds.

Why were native Americans of the west more likely to favor the british than the Americans?

The Native Americans of the West were more likely to favor the British than the Americans because the Americans did not live up to their promises. The British were also offering them more in the way of freedom and payment for the use of their land.

Why do you think the british were more successful than the americans at winning over native americans in the west?

Because Clark's have many campaign's undermined British support in the west. Clark lost Fort sackville, surrendered to the british.

How did the Oregon Country become part of America?

Many Americans came to live there more than British.

Would there be more native Americans if the British still ruled in North America?

Christopher Columbus killed many many Native Americans. Europeans also killed many by bringing diseases to america. They (the British and europeans) were sick people, and very greedy, which is why there are very little Native Americans left.

Why did more native Americans side with the british than the patriots?

Many reasons. Firstly, the British bought their support. Also, they were more scared of colonists taking their land than the british. Apperently rightly so.

Why were Americans able to win their war for independence?

Americans were more determined than the British

Why were Native Americans more likely to favor the British rather than the Americans?

Becuase they were gay

Why did more native Americans sided with the British than the?

Because they felt that they were less of a threat then the Americans.

Who was more successful in gaining support from native Americans?


Why were the Americans successful in their fight for independence?

Americans had the advantage of the home court. They knew the land well. They also had more to lose because it was their home. The British people didn't care about the fight, they hired German mercenaries to do most of the fighting. The British had a very long way to bring over men and supplies.

Why do Indians use British English?

India was once part of the British Empire, and before that traded extensively with British merchants. Since they met many more Britons than Americans, that is the variety they learnt.

Why did few colonial Americans object to the British navigation system after 1700?

It did not affect them that much. The Americans did not have to worry about their finances any more due to the British system.

Explain why more native Americans sided with the british than with the patriots?

Because the British did not bother the Native Americans when it came to them living on there land, so the Native Americans figured if the British won they could go back to regular lives.British seemed to present less of a threat then the Americans did this one is right he other one on top is just making it more difficult to understand

Who was involed in the French and Indian War?

The British, French, Americans, and Native Americans. Many of the Native Americans fought with the French. The French had settled with many of the Northeastern tribes through the years as fur trappers and they had a relationship with them. The British had treated the tribes as interlopers on their own lands. Americans, like George Washington, fought under the British flag and as a British officer. In fact, it was Washington that fired the first shots of the warRead more: Who_was_involved_in_the_french_and_Indian_war

Why did Paul Revere not like the British?

Because the British were taxing things and the Americans didn't want to be ruled by the British any more.

How did the Americans defeat the British in the War of American Independence?

There are many reasons as to why the Americans defeated the British in the American Revolutionary War. The Americans wore neutral colors and practiced a guerilla-type warfare, in which they hid amongst the foliage of forests. On the other hand, the British wore brightly colored uniforms and marched in highly conspicuous rows. Additionally, the Americans had a passion to fight; their freedom. The British had no such passion, and therefore lacked the extra drive that the Americans possessed. Finally, the Americans had the aid of the French due to the fact the the British and the French were bitter rivals. See Related Links for more info.

How did the colonists lose the Battle of Bunker Hill?

They were forced to retreat because their supplies and ammunition were running low. If this had not happened, though, the Americans would most likely have won, considering that they killed more British than British who killed them. Most of the Colonist's deaths came from the retreat, and then the British conquered the hill.

Which statement is a valid comparison of the way the British and French treated Native Americans?

the british sought to displace the native americans while the french treated them more as trading partners.