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Q: Why did the colonists left Europe for the new world?
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Where did the southern colonists come from?

the colonists for the southern colonies came from new England

What was the main reason the Persians left Europe for the New World?

We have n record that they did.

What did colonists from new foundland send back to Europe?

New foundland ponies

What is one major reason the European's came to the new world?

There was tight restriction on land, religion, culture, employment, quality of life in Europe. Most colonists came to the new world to obtain a better life. European governments promoted colonization of the new world as an opportunity for What_was_one_major_reason_Europeans_came_to_the_New_Worldand power.

What economic conditions in England contributed to the reasons why the colonists moved to the new world?

the reason why the people of europe wanted to move was based on religouse views

Who traveled to the New World?


Why did Spain controle so much of the new world?

Spain was the first country to send explorers and colonists to the New World.

Europe was slow to learn about the people in the new world because .?

many people never left the place of their birth

What are the factors by the colonists in the new world decided to break away from the british empire?

What are the factors by the colonists in the new world decided to break away from the british empire?

Why was the old world able to dominate the new world?

The Old World (British) was able to dominate the New World (America) because there were products the Colonists needed to survive in the New World that they were not able to get in the New World. The Colonists relied on imports of tea and paper and other things.

How did the physical features of new England affect colonists. decision about. where to settle?

Colonists left the poor, rocky soil of coastal New England for fertile Connecticut. Colonists came to find good farm land.

What food was brought to the new world by colonists?