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they wanted freedom because the were tired of listing to the British

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What freedom did the colonists of Maryland want?

Freedom of religion was the freedom that the colonists of Maryland wanted.

How did the American colonists win their freedom?

I want the answer

Why did the colonists want to fight the British?

To get religious freedom ( taxes, freedom, etc).

Why are the colonists going to defeat the British during the American revolution?

because the colonists want freedom from Britian.

Who were colonists who was undecided about independence from Britain?

Colonists who opposed Britain and wanted freedom were patriots. Colonists who were loyal to Britain were loyalists or Tories. Most of the colonists wanted or didn't want freedom, so there really was no need to a name.

Who did the colonists want freedom from?

the colonists wanted religious freedom from Britain which is a monarchy, meaning that the country was ruled by the king (King George III) hope this helped :)

What is one reason the patriot colonists wanted freedom from Britain?

One reason that the Patriot colonists wanted freedom from Britain was so that they could have religious freedom. They want to worship in their own way.

What did the colonists want to do with there freedom?

they wanted to .....dont know but look for it at

Why did the English colonists want freedom?

The English colonist wanted more freedom because they couldn't express their religious beliefs.

Why did the colonists want to have a war?

Because they wanted freedom and independence. So yah and yah

Why would colonists want to be their own country?

For religious freedom and to avoid unjust taxation.

What did colonists want?

Religious rights and freedomsANSWER:Colonists wanted a variety of things. Most wanted to seek religious freedom, political freedom, adventure, or they were in search of riches (i.e. gold and gems).

What freedom did the colonists of Maryland?

Freedom of Religion

Why did colonists want freedom from England?

They wanted freedom from England (Great Britian)so they could be free from all the high taxes and the the royality.

How did the first great awakening influence the movement for independence in the colonies?

The push for religious freedom led colonists to also want political freedom.

What famous colonists inspired colonists to fight for freedom with his speeches?

The answer is that Mercy Otis Warren inspired colonists to fight for freedom with his speeches.I AM RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Were the colonists of New Jersey pacifists?

Yes, In the New Jersey Colony the colonists use to say, "If you want freedom of religion and freedom to live your own lifestyle then that is what you will get!" They said this because they wanted to form a colony of freedom and peace. In fact, they opposed war and were known as pacifists.

Why did some religious people want to reform the church?

the colonists left England for religious freedom for Christianity.

Why was freedom of religion important to the colonists and farmers?

What colonists what farmers

Who granted freedom to the US?

No one. The colonists TOOK freedom by going to war with England. The colonists believed that you could not be granted freedom because freedom is the basic right of every person.

Why was the Boston Tea Party Wrong?

it was wrong to the British because not only did they not get their way they simply did not want the colonists to have freedom

What did Great Britain do to make the colonists want to leave in search for freedom?

Great Britain tried to make the Anglican Church the church of the nation. The colonists fled in search of a land that would allow them freedom to practice their religion, or no religion at all.

Why did some colonists disagree with the leader of Massachusetts?

because the colonists did not have freedom.

What is one right or freedom that William Penn gave colonists in Pennsylvania?

One right or freedom that William Penn gave colonists in Pennsylvania is freedom of speech,freedom of religion,and the right to a fair trial by jury.

Why is the list of greivences against the king an important part of the declaration?

it is importand because it caused most of the colonists to want freedom

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