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Why did the framers of the Constitution change their minds about some of the issues?


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Why did the framers of the Constitution change their minds about some of the issues?


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There are two reasons:They didn't want their constitution torn apart before they finishedthey wanted to be able to change their minds

A discussion on Preamble cannot be complete without making a reference of Mandal Commission case [5], which was decided by a larger bench of nine Judges. A rainbow of judicial thoughts reflecting the significance, value and message of the Preamble. B.P. Jeevan, J. held that the four folding objective of securing to its citizens justice, liberty, equality and fraternity displays statesmanship of the highest order Constitution of India.. The framers of the Constitution did not rest content with evolving the framework of the state; they also pointed out the goal as spelled out in the Preamble and the methodology for reaching that goal is elaborated in parts of the Constitution of India. In the opinion of R.M. Sahai, J. the preamble to the constitution is a turning point in history. The Preamble of the constitution has the sentiments and it is the key to the minds of the framers of the Constitution.

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A Constitution scavenger hunt is a good way for students to learn more about the U.S. Constitution. It makes a game of finding signatures, statements and clauses and helps to cement these in the students' minds.

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Until the adoption is final they can change their minds.

Anti-federalists were against a government having a strong central government and weak states, and with the new constitution they would get just that. That is why James Madison drafted the bill of rights or the first ten amendments of the Constitution. The bill of rights was made to protect the people from a strong central government so their rights wouldn't be taken away from them. The bill of rights also made a lot of anti-federalists change their minds about not approving the new Constitution.

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