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To buy the Indian's land at a cheep price.

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Q: Why did the government make treaties with the Indians?
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What did the U.S. government first make with American Indians?

What did the U.S. government first make with American Indians

Does the state government make treaties?

No. The power to make treaties is exclusive to the Federal government.

Why did the US government want the Plains what did they promise to the American Indians?

treaties and promised

What problems did Chinook Indians face?

The US Government not honoring treaties they signed with the Chinooks.

Why did the government wish to enter into treaties with the First Nations people?

The government wanted to enter into treaties perhaps at first to legally and fairly procure land from Native Americans. However, most famously with the Plains Indians (Lakota, Comanche, Kiowa...) who raided white settlements and caravans beginning in the early 1800's, the government attempted to make treaties to protect settlers and promote the opening up of the West to whites, a policy what would prove disasterous to the Plains Indians. Treaties, which were almost always broken due to mutual misunderstanding, allowed the government to make covert war on and take land from Native Americans legally.

What government branch make treaties?


What does make treaties mean?

government is in charge of it

Does state government make treaties witht other countries?


What did the U.S. government first make with the American Indians?

What did the U.S. government first make with American Indians

What powers denied to the national government by the Constitution?

i think its to make treaties;)

Who has the power to make treaties and must be approved by whom?

The executive branch of the government has the power to make treaties, but each treaty must be ratified by the US Senate

What has the author Robert J Talbot written?

Robert J. Talbot has written: 'Negotiating the numbered treaties' -- subject(s): Indians of North America, History, Treaties, Government relations, Statesmen, Biography