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because while the wife was at home then the male could go out and have free time to do anything he wanted. Most of the men would participate in the government to have more time spent on other things besides nothing.

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Q: Why did the government of the male citizens of Athens have time to participate in the government?
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Which people were allowed to participate in the government in Athens?

Adult male citizens.

In ancient Athens all male citizens had the opportunity to participate in the development of the government process and the selection of their leaders This situation is an example of?

direct democracy

Who was the leader allowed all male citizen to participate in the assembly?

who allowed all citizens in athens the right to participate in the assembley

What kind of government devoloped in Athens?

the main political body of Athens was the assembly, which all free adult male citizens had the right to attend

Who could participate in Athens' democracy?

The only people who could participate in Athens' democracy were male individuals, over eighteen, and born in Athens'.

How was Athens' government structuerd?

The assembly of male citizens met fortnightly to consider and decide on issues, which were implemented by the Council.

What did the Male Citizens of Athens meet in?


Explain how Athens functioned as a government?

The male citizens met in fortnightly assembly and made decisions which were carried out by the Council of 500.

Was democracy the only form of government in the ancient Greek city-states?

No, "democracy" only existed in Athens. Also it was limited to just Freeborn Male Citizens of Athens.

Which group of people were considered citizens in Athens Greece?

People who were born in Ancient Athens or have been there more than 5 years working and proving there citizenship.,not the metics or the slaves.Men were only allowed to vote or participate in democracy.Also Ancient Athens is the Birthpalce of Democracy.

Who participated in Greek democracy?

Only adult, male citizens could vote. Foreign residents, women, and non-citizens were excluded.

Do citizens of athens have to be male?

In acient times yes, but now no