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Q: Why did the hbc sell ruperts land?
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Why did HBC have an advantage over the NWC geographical wise?

They were given a large portion of land surrounding the Hudson bay. The land was called "Ruperts Land". Since the HBC owned the land they had an monopoly of its buisness. Monopoly-complete control(only people aloud to buy and sell furs there)

Who did the HBC sell Rupert's land to?

The Hudson's Bay Company sold Rupert's Land to Canada.

What tribes lived in Ruperts land?

the mohawk tribe was one of many tribes who lived in ruperts land

What did Louis riel do in the US?

Scheme to respond to the Canadian invasion of Ruperts Land and to hide from the successful domination of Ruperts Land by Canada.

What does hbc sell today?

Hbc, sell anything from clothes, dishes, bedding, curtain and much much more

What does hbc buy and sell today?


What does the HBC sell today?

they own zellers home outfiters and the bay

What areas of land did Ruperts Land cover?

i really don't know sorry dawg

Who built the red river rebellion?

Canada, Britain and the Hudson Bay Company. By ignoring the people who were already living in and on the land when HBC sold Ruperts Land they put the rightful owners of the land in the position of having to assert their rightful claims by any means necessary. When it became clear that Canada was not going to acknowledge their claims any means necessary meant trying to use force to defend their lands. That didn't work out too good.

What was Ruperts Land?

In honor of Prince Rupert, on 2 May 1670 Charles II of England gifted a territory in British North America to the Hudson's Bay Company. It consisted of the Hudson Bay drainage basin and included all land in which the rivers drained into the Hudson Bay. Prince Rupert was the first governor of the company.

Is Louis riel a villain?

In Canada he is. Canada bought Ruperts Land and acted like there was no people living there and if any where they would be thrilled to be ruled by Canada. Riel made it impossible to suggest people were not already living in Ruperts Land, worst yet he forced Canada to kill and take land by force. Something they would like to forget.

How did the old hbc retain control over the new hbc after the merger with the nwc?

HBC kept control by controlling the trade routes, which brought a lot of money into the HBC.