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Why did the japanese start whaling?

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Who mainly go whaling?

Japanese people go whaling

How long is the Japanese whaling season in the Antarctic?

The Japanese whaling season in the Antarctic is 89 days long

What is greenpeace doing about Japanese whaling?

Protesting and intervening with whaling ships

Who is the leader of Japanese whaling?


How bad is Japanese whaling?

real baddd

When Did Japanese People Stop Whaling?

They haven't.__________________Infact Japanese Companies have called a meeting to decide whether to bring back Whaling Quotas.~element

Do people still go whaling?

Yes, the Japanese still do some whaling . . . it is one of their basic foods.

Why isn't the Japanese government stopping whaling?

Because it is a significant part of the Japanese economy

Why is whaling called Japanese whaling?

Not all whaling is Japanese whaling. They get the most fame because they kill many whale (almost 1000 in the southern ocean every year, along with hundreds off their coast). Norway, Iceland, and some aboriginal tribes also kill whales, but not as many as Japan.

What is the name of the anti-whaling activists that have reported that Japanese whaling ships are in new zealand waters?

Sea Shepard

How many people have tried to stop Japanese whaling?


When did the whaling ban start?


When did whaling start?

dont no yesterday

What is being done to stop whaling?

== The Sea Shepherd is working hard to stop whaling and has had many successes in keeping Japanese whaling ships from killing whales. (See the link below)

How much profit do the Japanese earn on whaling yearly?

A dollar lolz

The job Greenpeace set out to do was?

stop the japanese practice of whaling

When did Japanese whaling start?

1500bc References to the consumption of whale meat date back to Kojiki, the oldest surviving book in Japan, written in the eighth century.

When did whaling start in New Zealand?


What is the name of the New Zealander that boarded the Japanese whaling ship?

Pete Buthune.

How many whaling ships are there in the world?

Only about 20 Whaling vessels are still used today (Not including small fisherman boats which is used like in Faroe Islands. Nearly half is Japanese Whaling ships.

Why will no country try to stop the Japanese from whaling endangered species?

because if they try to stop them it will create a war between the Japanese and that country

Why do Chinese do whaling?

Most people aren't aware that they are. It was presumed that primarily the Russians & Japanese are.

What are some of the ships that are trying to stop Japanese Whaling Ships?

Rainbow Warrior by greenpeace

Why hasn't the Japanese whaling fleet caught any whales this season?

Their spears were blunt

Who was the first ever person to start whaling?

I. C. Blubber