American Revolution

Why did the loyalist fight the patriots when the patriots only wanted freedom?


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because they had nothing else to do

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because they wanted to fight for freedom

the loyalist r differ from patriots by being loyal to the king and stay at the king's side.the patriots stayed at their own side to fight for freedom.

a loyalist is a person who is too scared to stand up and fight for what is right

Yes. They thought by force they could get the Patriots to change to Loyalists.

no but they had to fight for their freedom

The patriots fought for freedom for they didn't want to live without it

because he was not selfish and he wanted to fight for freedom for his country and he wanted to die as a hero

The colonists who wanted to fight for independence from Britain were known as the Patriots.

Loyalists fought for the British because they were loyal to the crown. The colonists who were rebelling were called Patriots.

for freedom an peace from great britain

loyalists were colonists who remained loyal to Britain. patriots were colonists willing to fight Britain for freedom

Patriots fought for independence because they wanted to be free of the king and british army.

some slaves fought because they wanted to but some were forced to fight!

Because they want freedom and not want to be under Britain's command so they call themselves Patriots. You could also be a Patriot because you wanted to get over the arguments with Britain and fight for freedom

The Patriots wanted to fight the British for their independence because relations with them grew more tense.

Because they were given freedom if fought in the war

Loyalist spied on the Patriots, then informed the British Troops (a.k.a The Redcoats) just so the British Troops would be a step ahead.Loyalist are people that are loyal to Britain and they follow Britain's laws. Loyalist never fight against Britain.

Because they wanted to fight for independence

He fought for freedom and he wanted to end segregation Welcome :-)

Because they did not want to do what the British tells them to do and also they wanted to do what they like to do.

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