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Q: Why did the sinkhole happen in the book tangerine?
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Who helped paul rescue kids from the sinkhole in tangerine?

Joey and the other 8th graders helped Paul rescue the students out of the sinkhole. (page 81-83)

How do muck fires and sinkholes connect to the novel tangerine?

Muck fires and Sink holes are connected to the book Tangerine because what they do is they cause certain events to occur in the book, (Spoiler Alert!) like the muck fires can cause smog, and the sinkhole causes the school to collapse and send Paul to Tangerine Middle School. They also symbolize the conflicts that Paul has.

What is the climax for the book tangerine?

The climax of the book "Tangerine" by Edward Bloor occurs when Paul Fisher confronts his parents and discovers the truth about his brother's actions on the day of the sinkhole incident. This confrontation leads to a resolution of the family's deep-seated issues and allows Paul to finally see the truth about his own identity and values.

When did Guatemala sinkhole happen?


What happens in Tangerine the book?

Many things happen in the novel, Tangerine, by Edward Bloor. At one point, a high school football player is killed by lightening. In another part of the book, a section of one of the classrooms falls into a sinkhole that opens up in the ground. Also, one of the main characters, Paul, ends up getting expelled from school for attacking the coach.

In the book Tangerine What did paul dream about after he went back to sleep?

After Paul went back to sleep in the book "Tangerine" by Edward Bloor, he dreamt about his old house in Houston being destroyed by a sinkhole and his mother screaming for help. This dream reflects Paul's inner fears and anxieties about his family and his own safety.

Give me a summary of tangerine middle's major sinkhole?

Tangerine Middle's major sinkhole was a significant event caused by underground erosion of limestone, leading to the collapse of the ground above it. The sinkhole appeared suddenly on the football field, causing damage to the field and neighboring structures. The incident required extensive repairs and safety precautions to prevent future occurrences.

When did the sink hole happen in tangerine?

September 11th during 3rd period at the middle school (in the book)

Who is the soccer coach for tangerine in tangerine book?

coach walski

Tangerine book how did the landscape change as paul and his mother enter tangerine?

In the Tangerine book, the landscape changes as paul and his mother enter tangerine due to views of big and expensive houses.

Who is Mr Donnely in Tangerine?

he is a person in the book tangerine

What was the last name of Wayne in the book Tangerine?

The last name of Wayne in the book "Tangerine" is Galindo.