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it was due the lose of public faith in America also that they were not determined to win the war, and the rising cost of the war.Big protests from the hippie's and if they were chosen then they proved to be an inadequate soldier's

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2022-03-15 22:53:17
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Q: Why did the united state withdraw its troops from Vietnam?
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Did the united state fight in the korean was before or after sending troops to vietnam?

the korean war was before vietnam

What happened shortly after the united state and north Vietnam signed a peace accord providing for the with drawal of America troops from Vietnam?

North vietnam took over the south vietnam

How is U.S. involvement in Vietnam and soviet innvolvment in Afghanistan similar?

The United State's involvement in Vietnam and the Soviet Union is similar to Afghanistan because troops remained for years. Additionally, the United States was involved to ensure the protection of the citizens.

What state fought in the Vietnam war?

The State That Fought At The Vietnam War Was The united States

Do you need visa from united state to enter Vietnam?

Yes, you do.

What was the united state's plan in Vietnam?

they are going to mass produce hot dogs and introduce diabetes to vietnam

Did Dean Rusk serve as the commander of US troops in Vietnam?

Did Dean Rusk serve as the commander of US troops in Vietnam?Edit:Ah yes, thank you for clarifying that this is the question...Anyway, he was the Secretary of State during the time.

Why was the united state involved in the Vietnam war?

The Vietnam War was part of the cold war. To prevent Communist North Vietnam from taking over the Republic of South Vietnam.

Plans for talks between the United state's and china stalled when?

the united states sent in troops into cambodia-apex

What was the biggest danger to the United State troops in the Mexican-American war?


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