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The Nazi used concentration camps as a way to keep all the Jews and other prisoners together. Later on, in about 1940, many were converted to be used as death camps to exterminate the Jewish people.

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Q: Why did they have Concentration Camps?
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What were Holocaust concentration?

There were concentration camps in the Holocaust. The concentration camps were basically work/death camps.

Are there still concentration camps?

No there are no more Concentration camps

What were the 2 main types of Concentration Camps during the Holocaust?

The main types of Concentration Camps were Concentration Camps and Extermination Camps.

What were examples of concentration camps?

what are some examples of concentration camps?

What were suana's used for in concentration camps?

There were no saunas in concentration camps.

How many concentration camps and death camps were there for the jews?

There were about 1,500 concentration camps and they were not just for Jews.

Was their any concentration camps in Arizona?

yes there was concentration camps in Arizona

What if you had concentration camps today?

There are concentration camps today (in North Korea).

Where were the jews get taken to concentration camps at?

They would no doubt be at the concentration camps.

What was the number of the major concentration camps?

Their was 20 major concentration camps.

Why did they called it concentration camps instead of death camps?

All camps were technically concentration camps, generally the extermination camps were called 'death camps'.

Are fema camps concentration camps?


What were the concentration camps?

camps for the slaves

Why were concentration camps called concentration camps?

The reason they were called concentration camps is because they were camps where the government concentrated (herded together) a particular group of people.

Where were the camps in concentration?

There weren't camps located in a location called "concentration." They were called concentration camps, and they were located all over Europe.

How did the Jews get around the concentration camps?

In the concentration camps, Jews and everyone else marched around the camps.

What are the similarities and differences between American concentration camps and German extermination camps?

where were the american concentration camps ???????????

Jews in concentration camps?

over 60 million jews were in concentration camps

What diseases were in the concentration camps?

There were several typhus epidemics in many concentration camps.

Why do people want to expand the concentration camps?

Who wants 'to expand the concentration camps'?

What rights did Jews have in concentration camps?

The inmates of concentration camps had no rights at all.

Were Jews sent to death camps or concentration camps?

Most were sent to extermination (death) camps, but some were sent to concentration camps.

What are all the different concentration camps used during World War 2?

Concentration Camps Transit Camps Labour Camps Death Camps Extermination Camps.

What were the first concentration camps?

they were labour camps

What were the Nazi camps called?

Concentration camps.