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King Menes/Narmer unified the two different Kingdoms. Presumably he did this through conquest.

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Q: Why did upper and lower Egypt unify?
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Did Menes come from upper or Lower Egypt?

Upper Egypt and wanted to unify Upper and Lower Egypt so he wore a double crown.

What year did narmer unify lower and upper Egypt?

3100 b.C.

Who started Ancient Egypt?

King Narmer was the first to unify Upper and Lower Egypt into what we know as "Egypt".

How did the Egyptian rulers unify their country?

A ruler of upper Egypt namedMenes attacked lower Egypt and won. To show that he had won he combined the Red crown of upper Egypt and the White crown of Lower Egypt . By doing this he created the Pharaoh crown.

Location of the upper Egypt and lower Egypt?

Upper and lower Egypt are in Africa. Lower Egypt is north and upper Egypt is south.

Where did horus live?

He lived some where in lower Egypt. But lower Egypt is upper Egypt because upper is lower and lower is upper.

Who wore the crown of red and white to unify Egypt?

The person who started the tradition of a pharoah wearing the double crown was Narmer, who united upper and lower Egypt.

Why were the crowns of upper and lower Egypt combined?

The crowns of upper and lower Egypt were combined because King Menes combinded upper and lower Egypt. He decidd to combine upper and lower Egypt and the crowns.

Was king narmer of archaic Egypt a king of lower Egypt who conquered upper Egypt to unify Egypt or was he a king of upper Egypt who conquered lower Egypt about 3000 bce?

King Menes is credited with the unification of Egypt, as the first pharaoh. King Narmer is considered by some to be the unifier of Egypt and founder of the First Dynasty, and therefore the first pharaoh of Unified Egypt.

How did the first pharaoh unify Egypt?

Menes married a woman from the other side of Egypt (Lower I do believe).

Is cairo in Lower Egypt or Upper Egypt?

Lower Egypt; it is in the north, while Upper Egypt is in the south.

Where is lower Egypt and upper Egypt located?

Lower Egypt is the top and to the north, Upper Egypt is the bottom and to the south.

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