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Why did we need gas masks?

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Uh.. because otherwise everyone would die from poison gasses. They protected the bodies, and the lives of the soldiers spending their days in the trenches.

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Sentences using the word gas?

My gas tank is low, i need to get some gas.GAS!! Put on your masks!!

Did they use gas masks in WW1?

yes gas masks were used

When were gas mask's introduced?

Gas masks were gradually developed in the 1800s and the exact year you need is in the link below.

Why did soldiers need to use gas masks?

To protect them from in hailing dangerous gases when they were in warfare

Did you get red coloured gas masks?

yes you did they were called mick mouse gas masks they were for children

When was the gas masks invented?

The first technical gas masks would have to be bandanas, because they served the purpose of WW1 and 2 gas masks, just in a less sophisticated way.

Facts about gas masks in World War 2?

There weren't enough gas masks and they didn't work.

Where was gas masks invented?

Gas masks were invented during WW1 by a Newfoundlander, presumably in a trench in France.

What is the name of the gas that was put in gas-masks in World War 2?

You don't put gas into gas masks. They are used to keep out poisonous gases.

What effects did gas masks have on the soldiers in ww1?

Most of the gas masks used by soldiers in WW1 were useless. They did not prevent the men from breathing in the harmful gas.

Why don't the leaders of squads using gas masks wear helmets?

Not all gas masks are compatible with helmets, so some soldiers forgo helmets to wear their masks.

Did the people have gas masks in World War 1?

Soldiers in the trenches got gas masks after the need became apparent. Chlorine gas was first used by the Germans on April 22, 1915. Mustard gas was used in 1917. 30,000 died from the gas and 50,000 troops were injured because of gas use. Gas masks did not work with mustard gas because that burns the skin.Here is a first hand account of gas warfare.http://www.eyewitnesstohistory.com/gas.htmhttp://chemicalweapons.cenmag.org/when-chemicals-became-weapons-of-war/

Why did people wear gas masks?

The reason they wore gas masks is because they weren't sure weather the Nazi's would drop gas bombs as they did in WW1

What do gas masks have to do with the separation process?

Separation of what? If it is the separation of East/West Germany then it is because gas masks were used in Gas Warfare, which was used in WWI and WWII.

Why does My Chemical Romance have people wear gas masks in their music videos?

They wore gas masks because it fit in with the theme of the video.

How many gas masks were made in world war 2?

1.3 million gas masks were made in WW2

How did the gas mask change society?

how did gas masks change society? what

How long have people been wearing masks?

The use of masks goes back to the 1800s when inventors developed masks for the miners and soldiers. We still have our soldiers outfitted with gas masks.

Evacuees and gas masks?

Gas masks are used when the air is polluted so they give you fresh air. They are often used when there is toxic gases around.

Do army cadets need gas masks?

Nope =]. I've been in Army Cadets for 7-8 months && ain't heard anything like needing gas masks. Yu might try em on, on camps && stuff but not sure.Xo Kat

Who had gas masks in world war 2?

Well, I think that it was compulsory for men woman and children (in the army or not) to carry gas masks at all times, just in case there was a gas attack.

Why were gas masks worn?

so people didn't get poisoned by bad gas in gas bombs.

What where gas masks used for?

To filter out gas and offer protection for whoever wore it.

Why did children have to have gas masks?

Yes everybody had to have a gas mask. even animals

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