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Although they were not considered socially-acceptable jobs for women, an exception was made for wartime hires. The able-bodied men were off fighting in the war, and the women were the ones left who could fill the jobs.

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How did world war 2 affect men and woman?

men had to leave so women had to take over their jobs

What were the occupations opened to woman by World War 1?

many jobs were given to women that the men had before they left to war. these jobs included doctor, factory workers, teachers, and other jobs. some of these jobs required educational needs and woman were now allowed to take these jobs. many men were upset by this "replacement" and started discriminating woman...

Did people lose their jods during World War 2?

Most woman lost their jobs because they were filled by men workers, woman stay homed. Some people who was too old for work was sacked

What job did men have in Egypt?

Many men could have many jobs it was woman that couldn't have many jobs

Why did women do men's jobs during World War I and World War 2?

Because millions of the men who normally did those jobs were in the Army and Navy.

What jobs did women and blacks do during World War 2?

Women and black men did many jobs during the war that had previously been done only by white men. After the war, some were able to keep their new jobs, and many were not.

What did African Americans and women have in common during World War 1?

During World War One many woman shared something in common with African-Americans. They had to work all the jobs that had previously been done by the men who were now at war.

What jobs did woman have in World War 2?

i belive that women did any job that a man did before the men enlisted

What jobs were the Iroquois men responsible for?

hnting- woman ruled and men druled

What was the role of he women during World War 1?

all the men had to go to war, so the women had to take the jobs of the men. so they actually got work and decent jobs. this was their biggest role during ww1

How did women help during the war?

During the 1940's, men were drafted into the U.S. Army during World War II. Women took those men's jobs, working as mechanics, doctors, and other jobs that were more reserved for men before the war.

What was life like in australia during World War 1?

During world war 1, woman took over the roles of men, knitting lots of socks and beanies for the men who were off at war.

How did woman contribute to World War 2?

Women did help but they didn't fight. they took the mens jobs while men were fighting.

What did woman do in World War 1 while the men were fighting?

cook clean and also did the mens jobs like making plaines.

Why were woman encouraged to work at the time that the poster was made?

Men were fighting in World War II and could not work the jobs ILOVESAM

Did men and woman have the same jobs in ancient Greece?

no because they had different jobs... hope it helps...x

Did woman work during World War 2?

because the men were at war so the ladies had to do there job

What did women do at home during World War 2?

What did woman do at home during WW2?The woman didn't always stay at home during ww2. They went of to work in factorys making bulets and helmets and uniforms and anything else that was needed. They also went of and did any other jobs that needed to be done while the men where at war. Jobs at At home Like cleaning and looking after children while their fathers were away at war.

How did women affect the US economy during World War 2?

woman helped by takin the place of men who went to serve in the war in the 1940s. They helped make war items, and took the jobs men left behind... love, amanda <3 lol

What jobs did women find during world war ll that were a break from traditional women and roles?

During WWII women found atypical manufacturing jobs that were left vacant by men who left to fight. These jobs were welding, assembling, and riveting to name a few. This is where the phrase "Rosie the Riveter" came from. The tragedy is that when the men returned from war, the women were fired from the jobs they performed while the men were away.

What jobs did women have to do during World War 2?

During world war 2, since the men were away at war, the women had to do jobs that they wouldn't have even thought of doing before the war. They would have to do all the farming, and and look after the shops. They would basically do anything the men who were at war did before they went.

What struggles did women have in world war 2?

Since the men were gone woman had to take up their jobs. On top of that they had to make goods for the war.

What important role did woman play during the world war 2?

Women were used as either homeland defence or making bombs, ammo or any other jobs that needed to be done wile the men were off fighting.

How did the role of women changed during and after World War I?

During World War 1 women were able to get jobs because of the shortage of men. After the war was over and the men came back home. The women had to stop working and go back to house work. When World War 2 began, again with the shortage of men workers the women stepped in and worked. When the men returned home the women would not give up their jobs.

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