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that's a one word answer. Imperialism.

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Q: Why did world war 1 turn from being a European war to a world war?
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Is World War I a European war?

Yes World War 1 is a European War.

What was it like for a European in World War 1?

Stop being lazy and read a book

Theatres of War in world war?

The Pacific Theater, where the US fought Japan and the European theater the war, the war with European countries in the second world war

When did European theatre of World War I happen?

European theatre of World War I happened on 1914-08-03.

Is it true the European war was longest war in the world?


What European country was not in world war 1 or world war 2?


What is Call of Duty world at war based on'?

European War and the Pearl Harbor War.

Did World War 2 cause the end of European imperialism?

True, The end to European imperialism came about after the war.

Were any battles of World War 1 in the US?

No, it was a European war.

What European country was an alli during World War 1 but not during World War 2?


What started to war of world war 1?

The increased investment in European militaries

Why couldn't European countries maintain their overseas colonies after World War 2?

After World War II, the world was bipolar