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Why did you choose the medical field?


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why did you choose the medical field?


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There are a lot of careers in the medical field. You can be a medical coding and billing assistant. You can be a nurse, doctor, or even a surgeon. Choose one best suited for you.

There are many jobs in the medical sales field. Medical sales representatives can choose to service any number of divisions of the medical field, from biotechnology to medical laboratories. Here is a more in-depth look at the many medical sales job opportunities available:

You should go to school either at a technical college for nursing or at a university as pre-med. This will be the best background for you to start a career in the medical field.

If you choose to work in almost any medically related field, it is beneficial to have a good grasp of medical terminology.

i like to work here i love people and helping their lives improve that is why i am in medical

Chemistry is important in the medical field due to the use of medicines in the medical field.

-i had a daughter at a young age and she motivated me to go on and do something i love that would take care me and her..

Polonium is not used in the medical field.

How computers helps in medical field?

how can we use polymers in medical field

The use of DNA in the medical field is, and that is why it is.

I have not researched every medical field but as far as I can tell Neuroradiologist is one of the highest paying jobs in the medical field. Neuroradiologist

Density in the medical field is of very little importance.

You can work in the medical field with no immunity to HBV.

A degree in the medical field, such as family practice, dentist, nusrse or physical theray. There is a vast range of field in the medical departement.

Yes. Electricity is key to the Human Body and thus to the Medical Field.Biomedical Engineering is a very important Medical Field.

Medical Support Assistant

firstly in medical field every job or work is for people helpings even people gave doctor as category of godbut an easy career in medical field is medical assistant

is a medical biller in high demand in the health field

we have around 18,890 medical practitioners out in the field

It is the reverse: chemistry help the medical field !

If you made D's in medical school, you should probably choose another field. That is because your grades indicate that you did not learn what was being taught and you need that knowledge to move forward in the field.

A medical secretary specializes in work that concentrate on the medical field.

It is a course that you can handle in college or university, you can choose what field you want. Medical, mechanical, or any other field, but it's just the name of a course. It stands also for British Airways and/or Business Administration.

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