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Sometimes one of the people in the relationship doesn't really know what they want. One part of them may want some freedom to do as they want such as get a better educations, go after a career, or even travel before they settle into a serious relationship or date other people. They are usually very confused and most of us are when we are younger and need to plan for our future and also figure out who we are and what we're made out of as far as strength and independence. Then when that person splits-up from their partner they realize how much they miss them. It can be a difficult and painful situation to be in. Communication is very important and this habit can never be started too young. If you want to know something about your relationship then it's your boyfriend you should be sitting down and talking to. I suggest you do talk to him and don't have blinders on and be sure as much as possible he means what he says. My niece was dating a really nice fellow from Calgary, Alberta and she lives in Vancouver, B.C. (a lot of miles apart.) He visited her parents and she went and stayed 10 days with his parents. They were so much in love. Approx., 2 months later she asked him over the phone if he was moving out to Vancouver or did he want her to move to Calgary. To her surprise he couldn't give her an answer. So, now she is splitting-up with him and moving on and is dating again. Yes, she is hurting and does love him, but she sees no future in this relationship. If they are meant to be then it will be. Good luck Marcy

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Q: Why did your boyfriend say he wants to be alone and you split-up but he spent every day with you after that and 4 days later wanted to get back together again?
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