Why did your ex-boyfriend not take you out anywhere after you drive nearly 400 miles to see him on a weekend?

THE ANSWER IS TO YOUR QUESTION, LIES WITH YOU BOYFRIEND AND THAT MAYBE YOUR PROBLEM... YOU ARE NOT SEEING HIM AS MAN. PLSE POSE YOUR QUESTION TO HIM TO GET AN HONEST ANSWER. DID YOU EVER CONSIDER TAKING HIM OUT AFTER HE DROVE THAT LONG OF A DISTANCE TO SEE YOU OR COOKING A NICE MEAL. GAS ALONE IS EXPENSIVE. LEARN TO APPRECIATE THE SMALL THINGS AND MAYBE YOU CAN GRADUATE TO THE BIGGER THINGS IN LIFE. I agree with the above poster that you should speak with your boyfriend and let him know how you feel. I don't think what you are asking is unfair. I'm sure you would be happy if he made a nice romantic dinner for you at his home and had a little candlelight going while he's at it. That's a long way to drive to be ignored. Yet again, I stress that usually long distance relationship seldom work. Oh yes, the odd one will squeak through, but it's a very low percentage. After your discussion with your b/f you are going to have to consider what your next move is. Is he worth it?