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Why did your turtle die?

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option on why my turtle died: heart attack, stress, old age, chocking, drowning If he/she drowned remember turtles are not good swimmers so water shallow

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How can a turtle die?

there are many ways a sea turtle can die two examples is that they can die from old age or they can be killed

Can you turn a box turtle upsidedown?

no because it can die i had a turtle i turned the turtle upside down and it died.

Can a dog actually die from eating turtle food?

the answer is... dog ate turtle food and didn't die.

What happens if a turtle shell breaks and stuff comes out?

the turtle might die

What if you don't have turtle pellets and your dad won't buy any?

Then your turtle will die.

How do you say fear the turtle in German?

Fear the turtle = Fürchte die Schildkröte.

When did John Turtle Wood die?

John Turtle Wood died in 1890.

Does turtle die in the westing game?


How did mindy die?

a turtle ate her

What is the climax in monkey and the turtle?

it will die

Can a turtle die from the heat?

Yes, if it gets to hot they will die.

If your goldfish with black blotches on them are in with your turtle will it die?

no the turtle won't but the gold fish sure will .

What happens if your turtle has slime around the eyes?

Because they are infected. Sorry but your turtle might die.

Can you put a red tailed shark in the tank with a red eared slider turtle?

no the turtle will die!

Snapping turtle caged with a box turtle?

no! not unless you want the precious *LAND* box turtle to be eaten or die of the lack of inadaquate habitate

What can the soft shell do to your turtel and can your turtel die?

the turtle will get sick and die

Can a turtle die?

Of course turtles can die. They can die of old age,diseases, etc..

What is the name of a German turtle?

die Schildkröte

Can a young snapping turtle live in an aquarium with a small amount of water?

I wouldn't recomend it, I think your turtle wouldn't grow, and then die, I had a turtle that did that once, it wasn't a snapping turtle though

How old is my turtle?

your turtle is 70-year-old and almost die soon maybe..;) just wait!

If the eastern painted turtle gets its leg bitten off will it grow back or get sick and die?

No, the leg will not grow back. You should take your turtle to the vet IMMEDIATELY your turtle could die from blood loss or infection.

Will the turtle die without water?

No with my research i see no they do not die without water

What happens if you crack a turtle egg?

It might die.

What will happen to my turtle if i leave it in the water for to long?

It will die

Did the turtle man die?

I dont think so

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