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A Child Called It

Why didn't anything happen to Dave Pelzer's mom?

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It is quite possible that "child abuse" laws in the 70's weren't very well addressed. Not that it is right that she got away with torture, degradation, neglect, abuse, etc.... The father should have been arrested just as much as The Mother. How can anyone do these things to another human? How can someone allow it to happen? It is too obvious that The Family was living in denial of what David was suffering.

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How did Dave pelzers mom die?

Dave pelzers mom died of cardiac arrest in 1992

When is Dave Pelzers birthday?

December 29

What happened to Dave Pelzers father?

died of cancer

What did Dave pelzers mom do to him?

She abused him. Very Harshly..:(

What was the name of Dave pelzers dad?

Stephen Pelzer

Is Dave Pelzers mom in jail?

Nope. Never was.

What year was Dave pelzers son born?

What year was Dave Pelzer's son born.? He was born in 1998..

What is Dave Pelzers moms name?

im not really sure what her is suckerr

What is the genre of Dave Pelzers books?

kinda good vs. evil

Did Dave Pelzers mom die?

Yes she died of a heart attack in her sleep

Who is Dave pelzers siblings?

he has 4 brothers robert, stephen, richard, and kenneth

Where did Dave pelzers mother make him sleep?

An old Army cot in the garage.

Where can you find picture of Dave pelzers father?

How about you look it up on google dingbat

What was the gas chamber that Dave pelzers mother made him go in?

It was a mixture of Clorox and Ammonia

What happend to Dave Pelzers Mother?

she died from a heartattack shortly after her ex husbands death

How did Dave pelzer dad die?

David Pelzers father died of terminal cancer

Dave Pelzer's mother?

Dave pelzers mother is a sick, messed up woman whos desprate and to get rid of her anger is to be drunk and child abuse Dave pelzer and divorce man and hurt Dave she made Dave drink drugs like ammonia and breath gas and play a devil game called gas chamber and Dave pelzers mother stabbed him and trys to burn him and make him strave to death.

Did Dave pelzers mother die?

Is it the guy who wrote A Child Call It? If so, then I believe yes.

Did Dave Pelzers mom lie when he got stabbed?

yes she did because she didn't want to get in trouble..

Is there a video about Dave pelzers life?

yes this iis Jordan T. Reese I spelt it wrong on purpose

What is Dave Pelzers main accomplishment?

To help abused children and be the very best father he could be to his son

Why didn't Dave Pelzers mom go to jail?

That's easy the police were obviously fans of Dave Pelzer so that's why she didn't go to jail.

Where are David Pelzers brothers today?

You will find out when Dave pelzer's Brothers died!! so no one knows why or how the died

Where does Dave Pelzers work?

His office is in Rancho Mirage, CA. He travel A LOT with work. There is a lot of info about him on

What is Dave Pelzers middle name?

wow. if people can just type in random answers, then this should tell you something!