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Why do Argentina always play the first game of every world rugby cup?

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they are alphabetically first.

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Where is Argentina playing Italy in rugby?

córdoba, Argentina

Where online can one find information about rugby teams in Argentina?

One can find information about rugby teams in Argentina online at a variety of different websites. One can find information about rugby teams in Argentina online at websites such as Planet Rugby and World Rugby Shop.

How far will Argentina get in the rugby world cup?

i think so Argentina will come in the next to next rugby worlcup .

Who is the coach of Argentina rugby team?

Argentina coach Marcelo Loffreda

Which rugby team are called the pumas?


What are the sports played in Argentina?

rugby, football

Who is the captain of the Argentina rugby team?

rugby sevens - SANTIAGO GOMEZ CORA. 15's rugby - Felipe Contepomi.

What country in world rugby is named the pumas?


Which rugby international team is known as the pumas?

Argentina ,i believe

Who were the Uruguay rugby team versing when there plane crashed?


How do you get better at rugby?

To be a good rugby player you always have to train

What test venue finished its days a rugby ground in 1999?


In which country was rugby first played?

It was played first in Rugby School, Rugby, England in 1823.

Are there fouls in rugby?

yes, there is fouls in rugby. there is rules to every sport,

Did Argentina ever beat the All Blacks?

As of February 2016, Argentina have never beaten the All Blacks in a rugby union match.

What is Argentina's type or recreation?

Polo, rugby, and soccer are very popular in argentina

Which country will join the three original teams of the Rugby Tri nations?

Argentina !

How do you watch the Rugby match New Zealand vs Argentina Hamilton?

It was televised

Who is the argentina rugby captain?

The current Argentine National Rugby Union captain is Juan Martin Fernandez Lobbe.*As of July 14th, 2012.

Was rugby union or rugby league invented first?

Rugby Union

Where was rugby was held first?

at a rugby venue

Where was rugby league first played?

Rugby League was first played in Northern England after separating from the Rugby 'Union'.

What is the name of Argentina's national rugby stadium?

There is no national rugby stadium. Nowadays, Argentina is using VELEZ SARSFIELD stadium for their international test matches.

Which country plays in blue shirts?

Italy(soccer), France(rugby), Argentina(soccer)

How won the 2009 rugby sevens world cup?

Argentina 14 - Wales 0