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Why do Australians celebrate Christmas?


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Australia was founded on Christianity, and Christmas is a Christian celebration (even though many will argue that it had its roots in paganism). Whether or not individual citizens still adhere to Christianity, the celebration of Christmas remains.


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so Australians can celebrate Christmas as well

Australians celebrate Christmas at the same time as the rest of the western world. The difference is that Christmas (December 25) falls during the summer months, not winter.

In the true Aboriginal culture Christmas isn't celebrated. But for the indigenous Australians who have embraced the human culture celebrate it the same way as all the rest of the Australians. == == === ===

Don't know about australiens but Australians do!

Australians celebrate the orthodox celebrations and observations, like Christmas, Boxing Day (after Christmas), Easter, and a few others. They also celebrate Australia Day, the Queen's Birthday, and commemorate Remembrance Day and ANZAC Day.

Like everyone else, Australian's celebrate Christmas on the 25th December. :)

December is summer in Australia. South of the equator.

Australia was founded as a Christian country. Therefore, Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Christ. It must be admitted that a great many people who celebrate Christmas do not have any allegiance to Christianity, but this does not change why Australians celebrate Christmas.

Australians celebrate Christmas for two days. Christmas is celebrated over Christmas Eve (which is never a holiday) and Christmas Day.

There is no celebration of Christmas in the true Aboriginal culture. However, for those indigenous Australians who have embraced the western culture, they will celebrate it the same way as the rest of Australia.

Australia celebrates Christmas because it has a Christian tradition, being founded on Christianity, and many Australians are practising Christians.

There are trees in Australia whether it is Christmas or not.However, if the question is asking whether Australians have Christmas trees which they decorate, the answer is "yes". Australians who celebrate the Christmas season have Christmas trees in their homes, while many cities and towns put up a central Christmas tree for the public to enjoy.

In the northern hemisphere, we celebrate Christmas Day on 25th December - during our winter. In the southern hemisphere, Australians still celebrate Christmas on 25th December, but during their summer.

Many Australians celebrate it, but particularly Australians of Irish ancestry or people from Ireland who are in Australia.

The 24th of December is Christmas Eve. While Christmas Eve is the most important day of the Christmas celebrations in the Northern Hemisphere, Australians don't celebrate Christmas Eve at all.

Christmas is celebrated throughout Australia, in the cities, towns and outback, depending on whether or not one's cultural background allows individuals to follow Christmas. Australians usually celebrate at home, but many go away on holiday and celebrate by the beach, or at relatives' houses. Many also book in to restaurants for a special Christmas dinner.

Australians celebrate Easter at the same time as the rest of the Western world each year.

Australians do not have any special clothing to wear on Christmas. In general, they wear summer clothing, since the weather is hot at Christmas time in the southern hemisphere.

Australians celebrate Christmas at the same time as the rest of the world: December 25. Christmas Eve precedes the holiday, and there is a public holiday for Boxing Day on 26 December.

Because Christmas always lies in the summer season of Australia, and while Australia has summer America and most other countries have winter.

about 6million people celebrate ChristmasAlso you can choose to celebrate Christmas. If you believe in Jesus then you celebrate Christmas.

They do if they are Christians.

Australians, like Americans, call "christmas" "Christmas". What'd you think we call it?

no they celebrate the Christmas

Not all Australians celebrate Christmas on the beach. However, for those who do, there are many factors.The weather is often hot at Christmas time, being Australia's summer, so the beach is the perfect place to celebrate.There is no limit to the size of family gatherings on the beach.A barbequed dinner near the beach means less cleanup at home.There are lots of family activities to enjoy on the beach when everyone gathers together. There is no concern about the children becoming bored.

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