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Why do I get a delayed sound when I monitor my audio recording?

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Scroll down to related links and look at "Latency (audio) - Wikipedia".

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What is audio recording?

A sound recording

I get a delayed monitor sound when i try to record an audio using sonar 5. I tried Nero and Roxio too but the sound that i get from my headphone is delayed from the time I played the sound. Help Pls.?

That's because the buffer in you sound card is small so there is a need fot the sound card to wait before it can process all the sound samples. Either you can buy a better audio interface or you can try latency compensation in Sonar.

What is analog sound and example of analog sound?

analog audioRefers to recording audio in a format of continuous vibrations that are analogous to the original sound waves. Before audio recording became digital, sounds were "carved" into vinyl records or written to tape as magnetic waveforms. Contrast with digital audio

What are the some main classes of sound recording?

There are different types of sound recording which a user opt for their recording. Audio is a format which is used to record different sounds ie Music or any purposeful recording. Types of recording includes: 1. Compressed format of Audion 2. Uncompressed format of audio 3. Compressed lose-loss audio format 4. Compressed audio for lossy format

Higher part of the audio frequency range in sound recording?


Why is the sound delayed on the tv?

Usually this is a sync problem when viewing the screen with sound through a surround receiver. See if your receiver has a lip sync feature to compensate for the delayed audio.

How do you monitor incoming audio in cool edit pro?

The incoming audio is not really monitered through the recording interface but rather through your system mixer. Example: you're recording the line in from your sound card by telling cool edit which input to record, you're also at the same time listening to your system mixer by sending the same input to the output of your sound card.

What is the higher part of the audio frequency range in sound recording called?


What does the prefix audio mean?

Audio may refer to: Sound that is capable of being heard Sound recording and reproduction Natural acoustic audio Audio frequencies Audio content Audio book, a sound recording of a book Audio content file format Windows Media Audio, Microsoft's proprietary digital audio format Audio usually refers to something people can hear with their ears or make: speech, sound, voice, music. An audio frequency, abbreviation: AF, or audible frequency is characterized as a periodic vibration whose frequency is audible to the average human.

What is the definition of sound devices?

Sound devices are devices for analog and digital audio products for radio, television, film, and music recording.

What if your microphone headset randomly beeping Every time while your recording the sound is crystal clear but when you listen to the audio after the recording there's a annoying ticking sound?

mate its wrecked, get a new one

What exactly is audio engineering?

Audio engineering is associated with recording sound, storing the recordings and subsequently reproducing the recordings using all available means from the the very earliest recording and reproduction methods to the very latest.

How do you upload audio from youtube onto Windows Movie Maker?

You would need to have the sound recording somehow. Whether it is by recording it through your computer or getting the video file and converting it to an audio only file, it would not be an easy task to complete.

What is a sound engineer?

A sound engineer works on the recording, manipulating, and mixing of audio. They are typically employed by film, radio, television, music, and computer gaming industries.

What is a good software program for audio recording?

Are you trying to record from the audio on the Internet or from your microphone? Either way, you can use VideoPower YELLOW. It can do the recording for both audios on the Internet and from the microphone. You can also use its video download and direct convert to mp3 tool which is absolutely amazing. Try these two how-to articles on how to record microphone sound and how to record audio from the browser.

Audio sounds for email on your computer?

First you have to record audio from your computer. It is very easy and by keeping in mind few professional tips this can be done very well. Read tips from this research paper to do this recording audio you just have to upload this audio to your email and send it.

What is lossly?

"Lossy" refers to the end result of digital audio compression used by various media and programs. In formats such as MP3 and WMA, there is a trade-off of file size reduction (compression) and sound quality. There is some loss of audio information throughout the recording in order to save space in the file. Lossless recording methods, including uncompressed formats such as Wave, AIFF and Sound Designer, and compressed formats such as Ogg-Vorbis. These recording formats allow the reconstruction of the original recording without degradation in the sound quality.

What sound do harp seals make?

Click on the related link below then on the "audio" button on the page to play a recording of a Harp Seal.

How good is the sound recording?

The sound recording is crystal clear.

Is being an audio engineer the same as a voice talent?

No, an audio engineer works with equipment for recording music and sound, while a voice talent is the person or individual being recorded. It is possible, however, that a vocal talent could be an audio engineer.

I would like to find a way that I can run ALL microphones into the laptop and then to the amp and speakers Can you use your computer in place of a sound audio mixing board for a concert?

Yes, you can replace your mixing console with a laptop. You will need an audio interface to plug the mics into and audio software. Also, you has to have a powerful laptop or else it lags and the sound is delayed.

Is algebra used in the process of recording music or audio?

Not really. When you get into how sound processing works and things like that you will get into some heavy mathmatics, but in general no.

What has the author Randy Thom written?

Randy Thom has written: 'Audio Craft' -- subject(s): Equipment and supplies, Recording and reproducing, Sound

What contribution does an audio engineer makes to the outcome of a recording project?

The engineer will be in conyrol of all the hardware and software in the studio, so they will help the band and producer get the sound they want. They will choose which microphones to use or which effects to add and can thus affect the final sound of the recording.

Why isn't our audio receiver sending out sound to our tv from an audio jack?

The AUDIO jack on the TV is a OUTPUT. The sound comes out of the TV to send the sound (audio) to the Audio Receiver Aux INPUT jack.

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