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All the sims stuff have access codes to them you should have had it inside the case. I did when i bought sims bustin out.

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โˆ™ 2009-03-09 15:14:16
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Q: Why do I need an access code for The Sims Bustin' Out to make a Sims 2 movie?
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What is the code to unblur the blurs on the sims bustin out?

there isn't one, and why would you want to do that?!?! yuck!!

Is there a no fire code cheat for the sims bustin out on ps2?

I'm sorry but no i wish could make one.

What is the mood cheat on sims 2 bustin' out?

Raise motives Enable the "Cheat gnome" code. Pause the game and quickly press L2, R1, Left, Circle, Up. If you entered the code correctly a girl sims voice will say, "Ooo" if you enter the code again, you will disable the code, and the sims voice will either say, "Ohh" or "Nah,Ah" If anyone wants any help on sims bustin out, feel free to ask, ANYTHING!

Why can't you access the cheating gnome for gamecube even if you typed the code in correctly?

I'm assuming you have sims bustin' out. If so then you need to type the cheat gnome cheat then to use the other cheats you must enter those codes aswell. For normal sims for GC you simply go to main menu Click the R and L buttons and type in Midas. For sims 2 its basicly the same as bustin' out but different codes.

Where can you play the sims bustin out online at?

Unfourtunatley there is no such thing as Sims Online because The Sims requires a download and in order to download it you'd have to purchase it from a store because it also requires a CD & a bar code.

What is the cheat gnome code?

"Sims: Bustin Out" R2 L1 R1 L2 <--- O "Sims 2" Pause the game and enter L1, R1, Up, X, R2

What is the sims unleashed access code?

the access code is what code is on the back of the case. you need it to install it to your computer. without it the game won't work

How do you get the cheat gnome in the sims bustin out for gba and what are the cheats?

Here is my suggestion. Look on cheat code websites! they aren't very informative though. Just search "The Sims Bustin' out cheats (Gameboy) I am not POSITIVE you will find it, or if it even exists. i have the GBA game too and i just don't worry about it that much.

You don't know your Sims 3 access code and you lost your manual what do you do?

What do I do if I lost the manual to my Sims 3 game and I need to get the registration code.

On sims bustin out ps2 my gnome code won't work how do i make it work?

it does work. all you have to do is press in R2, L1, R1, L2, left, circle and it does work. i was just entering the code. i was having the same problem what you do is after you enter the gnome code strait after enter the other code :D

Sims 3 product code?

what is the Sims 3 product code

The code to install the sims 2?

jbuthe code to install the sims 2 ?

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