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Why do JWs ignore 1 Timothy 5v8 and shun members of their own immediate family if those members have walked away from Watchtower teachings?


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Answer 1:

Those that voice their discord with official Jehovah's Witness doctrine and attempt to subvert the faith of others by propagating their personal views within the organisation in an attempt to turn others away may be disfellowshipped.

Non believers or individuals that were raised in families (by JW parents) but that were never actually baptised Witnesses are not disfellowshipped.

Answer 2:

Voluntarily leaving the Jehovah's Witness organisation is not viewed as motive for "disfellowshipping" (shunning). People are disfellowshipped from the JW organisation for unrepentent acts such as child abuse, adultery or for smoking, drug use or theft.