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I'd like to contribute two different answers.

On a simple note, I would remonstrate with the question itself, which may seem insinuating. Everyone, not only one or more ethnic groups, loves to eat. It's a human thing. Just as there are Jewish foods, festive meals and banquets, so there are also among every nationality.

On a deeper level, however, it may be noted that maintaining one's health and well-being, which certainly includes a good appetite, is a mitzva (Godly precept). Someone who believes in God should, by all rights, enjoy life, since he/she has a purpose for which to live. Eating properly will provide strength for the day's mitzvoth-observance. It may be added that the Kuzari (a book of Jewish outlook) points out that saying a blessing before eating will make the person enjoy the food more.

The thinking person will note the fruit's bright color, or the meat's hefty nourishment (for example), and will consider God's kindness, thus making the enjoyment into a catalyst for awareness of God.

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How do you say love Jews in Hebrew?

to love Jews = אהב יהודים (ahav yehudim) I love Jews = אני אוהב יהודים (ani ohev yehudim)

Do you like Jews?

I not only like them, I love them! The Bible tells us we must love the Jews.

Can Jews eat Vegetarian food?

There is no issue with Jews eating vegetarian food. However, religiously observant Jews would require that the food in question be kosher.

What types of food should Jews eat?

Jews should eat strictly kosher food.

Whene did the Jews get food supplies in the Holocaust?

In the ghettos and camps the Jews were dependent on the Germans for food ...

Did jews love Hitler?


Do jews eat food?

Yes! Jews are people, too!

What kosher food can Jews eat?

Jews may eat any kosher food that they're not allergic to, and that belongs to them.

What do Jews eat on their birthday?

There is no special food that Jews eat on birthdays.

Do Jews hate gentiles?

No... They LOVE THEM!!!!

What is the strict food Jews eat?

The laws dictating food production and consumption for Jews are called 'kashrut'.

What was the food like in the holocaust?

There was little food for the Jews. But they were fed.

What do jews only eat?

Orthodox Jews only eat kosher food.

What is a treifah?

It is a kosher food for the jews

How did Jews get food?

Agriculture and trade.

Why are Jews only able to eat kosher food?

Jews are only able to eat kosher food because it is against their religion to eat non kosher food.

When is kosher food eaten?

Religiously observant Jews will only eat kosher food. Less observant Jews will often eat kosher food on certain holidays.

What do jews eat and when do they eat it?

Jews eat food -- observant Jews attempt to keep the laws of kashrut by eating kosher food. When? Many Jews eat 3 meals a day with occasional snacks. Some skip breakfast.

How do Jews say word love?


Did the Jews try to steel food or sneak food in the holocaust?


What food is eaten by Jews?

What a Jew eats is typically dictated by where they live. Religiously observant Jews will only eat kosher food which is not a style of food, but rather, a set of rules for the preparation and consumption of food.

What do Jews think of g-d?

The Torah teaches Jews to love and revere God.

What is the name for food Jews can't eat?

Food that is not kosher, and therefore deemed not suitable for eating by religiously observant Jews, is called 'treif'.

What did the Jews do when they were in labor?

jews lived the ghetto life when they were in labor cause the natzies killed jews and they weren't meny jews to love if men in women where separated and killed

What food do Jews not mix?

Meat and Milk