Why do Jews love food?

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I'd like to contribute two different answers.

On a simple note, I would remonstrate with the question itself, which may seem insinuating. Everyone, not only one or more ethnic groups, loves to eat. It's a human thing. Just as there are Jewish foods, festive meals and banquets, so there are also among every nationality.

On a deeper level, however, it may be noted that maintaining one's health and well-being, which certainly includes a good appetite, is a mitzva (Godly precept). Someone who believes in God should, by all rights, enjoy life, since he/she has a purpose for which to live. Eating properly will provide strength for the day's mitzvoth-observance. It may be added that the Kuzari (a book of Jewish outlook) points out that saying a blessing before eating will make the person enjoy the food more.

The thinking person will note the fruit's bright color, or the meat's hefty nourishment (for example), and will consider God's kindness, thus making the enjoyment into a catalyst for awareness of God.

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Q: Why do Jews love food?
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