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One of the important factors in listing stamps is to only include stamps that were issued for legitimate postage use. There are many countries that have created and printed stamps specifically to sell to collectors. They print hundreds of thousands of stamps well above the needs of the population of the country. These types of stamps are seldom listed in the catalogs.

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Q: Why do Scotts not list values for most of Equatorial Guinea stamps?
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What is the current price of Bulgarian stamps?

Depends on the stamps one have. The older, the reare have philanthropic and antique values

How do you find value of older eagle stamps?

If they are the non-denominated US stamps, there is an identifier on the USPS web site. For collector values, check an online catalog, such as Mystic Stamps.

Is there pictures of US postage stamps that have no value on them?

Yes, the USPS has a document that they have posted that pictures all of the non-denominated stamps and their values. The link is below.

Where can a list of stamp values be found?

Many stamps dealers have listings posted. Your library will have a copy of Scott's International Catalog of Postage Stamps which you can reference.

Where can you find values on first issued stamps?

A postage stamp catalog is your best bet. You can also check out eBay and Mystic Stamps online for possible pricing.

Where can you find information that regards to the bottle stamps?

As of 2013, there are fifteen different websites where a person can find information that regards to the bottle stamps. Some of the names of the websites are Blockhead Stamps, Vanessas Values, and Simon Says Stamp.

Will rabbit food hurt a guinea pig?

Rabbit food has differnet nutritional values than guinea pig food so if fed the guinea pig is missing important nutrition.

Does post office sell 4 cent stamps?

Yes. All small values 1,2,3,4 and 5 cents are readily available at the Post Office. I am not sure about random values like 11 or 24, but you can put multiple lower denomination stamps if needed.

How big is a postage stamp?

Postage stamps come in all shapes, sizes, colours and values.

Is Papua New Guinea a Muslim country?

No it is not, it has strong Christian values and beliefs.

What are the face values of NDN stamps?

New Democratic Network stamps were created to prevent people from having obsolete stamps when the price of postage rises. The face value of a NDN stamp is the current cost of postage at any given time.

Where can you find pictures of uspostal stamp to determine value?

The USPS web page linked below shows all of the stamps without values on them and their face values.

Do cancelled stamps still have value?

That will depend a great deal on which stamp it is. There have been stamps issued for over 150 years with values from a few stamps to millions of dollars. Consult a catalog and identify the specific stamp. It will also help you find the value.

What is smallest amount of a us stamp?

Currently it is 1 cent. Half cent stamps were available at one time and stamps with fractional values at the end are still available for bulk mail.

Find value of stamps from 1940-1988?

Use a catalog to find values. There are several available online, such as Mystic Stamps. You can also find paper versions at most public libraries.

How much for 5 ounces of stamps?

The price can vary a great deal depending on the type of 'kiloware' it is. It will be more if it is all commemorative stamps. The most would be high values with airmail stamps. The lowest would be definitives issued by a country such as the US, Great Britain or France.

How many stamps on a 10oz package?

The number of stamps will depend on what values you have. The total cost in the US in 2011 will be $1.97. That is 44 cents for the first ounce and 17 cents each for the additional ounces. Five first class stamps will cover it with 23 cents wasted.

How much did a post stamp cost in 2005?

Countries normally issue stamps with a variety of values each year.

Are there 5 and 10 cent value stamps?

Yes, there are 5 and 10 cent stamps. You can get stamps in a wide variety of values, though the most common are ones that reflect the current postage rates. And for many years, postage was 5 cents for a letter, and it was 10 cents for a while.

You have several stamps with no value on them and you need to know how much they are so you can use them and put the correct postage on the envelope?

The USPS link below will provide you pictures and values for all US non-denominated stamps.

Can i combine postage stamps?

Yes, you certainly can! As long as the combination adds up to or exceeds the necessary value, they can be combined. Make sure that all of the stamps can be clearly seen and the values read by the Post Office.

How many stamps do you need to send a letter to Oklahoma from South Carolina?

Any variation of stamp values that equal .44 cents. Yes....I've seen letters with 44 one cent stamps on them.

How much can you get for your 1000 first day of issue stamps?

Dealers typically sell them for $1 apiece. You would be lucky to get half that from a dealer. There are a few stamps, usually high values, that have a bit more value.

How are stamp collecting values determined?

The value of stamps is determined by what people are willing to pay for them. Most of the time they want to see stamps in mint or near mint condition and also whether or not they are rare is important.

What is value of 2002 us postage stamps?

The face value is primarily 37 cents. Most used US postage stamps are worth 15 or 20 cents, the minimum amount required to catalog and stock the stamps. A number of stamps issued in 2002 have a bit higher values. Unused will always be worth at least their face value but some of these range in value to almost $2 each. Special cancellations and different values are likely to be worth more. Consult a postage stamp catalog, usually available at your local library for exact identification and catalog values.