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Q: Why do Siamese cats put their kittens in their mouths?
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What can you put on your mother cats nipples to stop kittens from nursing?


How long do cats hold there kittens?

Cats may carry kittens in their mouth by their scruff and can can hold them until they decide they want to put them down. In most cases cats may carry their kittens to move their location for the parent cat's choosing.

What is the legend about Siamese cats?

My grandma told me the legend about Siamese cats when we first got my cat, as the name suggests Siamese cats are from Siam which is now Thailand. There was a princess a looooooooooooooooong time ago who lived with lots of Siamese cats. The princess desperately tried to put rings on its tail to signify that it was a royal cat, but it didn't work. So at birth they would twist the cat's tail to curve it at the edge so the rings wouldn't fall off, that's how you know how Siamese cats are purebreed.

Is it safe to put eye drops in your Siamese cats eyes?

No - see your veterinarian for professional advice .

Is it safe to put eye drops in a Siamese cats eyes?

You must check with your vet first.

How much money are kittens?

Normally, cats are free it's mainly the dogs you have to pay for. Kittens can be adopted from the pound....many are put up there in just one day :(

Why does a Siamese cat bites?

It's cause its a sign of affection of young kittens to rough play and they will even claw. Just dont put anything up his bottom end.

What is crape usesd for?

to put in parents mouths to put in parents mouths


1. I pick the gender for the kittens 2. I name them Clara , hazel , Lilly , patty , SANDY , Jacob , and Pedro 3. I PUT THE KITTENS IN THE MOMS CAGE 4. I take the kittens to action for animals 5. I put them in each cage 6. I come right back home .

What can you do about feral cats?

You can ring the RSPCA, when there is a large group of feral cats in one area, but once caught the RSPCA usually put down the cats, unless they are kittens, they will try to find homes for them. You can try to catch them yourself then give them in to the RSPCA which i don't approve of. Or catch the kittens and try to find homes for them.

How do you take away a cats dead kittens?

Yes. Do not leave a dead kitten with its mother or other baby kittens. by taking the cat that gave birth put him in a kenall or in the house or outside

When should cats stop having kittens?

SPAY YOUR CAT!! They shouldn't be having kittens! There are enough unwated kittens in shelters every year that have to put to sleep. PLEASE SPAY YOUR CAT OR MAKE SURE THAT YOU HAVE ENOUGH HOMES FOR EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM!

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