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Why? Because they like them, silly. Or, they like attention.

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How do you attract an boy?

I would attract a boy towards me by not sticking to him (TIP- Boys get attracted when a girl avoids him)

What should a boy do to attract girl?

Always be there for her

How do you attract a guy towards a girl?

many ways exist to attract a boy towards a girl first continuous change in appearance will attract the boy and second some chat might relate the girl and the boy where they might find some similarities and similar interests

How do you attract a skater boy?

turn into a skater girl

How does a Virgo girl attract a Virgo boy?

With respect and consideration.

If im a Scorpio girl how do you attract a cancer boy?

Be yourself.

How does a Sagittarius boy attract a Virgo girl?

however he would attract any other girl, their star sign doesnt make a difference

How can a eleven year old girl attract a twelve year old boy?

The same way as how she'd attract a 11 year old boy.

How can a boy attract a girl towards himself by simplicity?

still suspense

How can you attract a cute boy?

you could hang around him and see what he likes in a girl then be the type of girl he likes

How a boy can attract a girl?

Be nice and be yourself. If you act fake then the only girl you will get is a fake girl. Be yourself and girls will come.

You are Taurus boy how do you attract Virgo girl?

stop looking at your star signs.

How does a boy attract a girl sexually?

Sexual attraction does not last. It is best to attract a person through love and through positive qualities.

How do you tell fish bata apart as a boy or girl?

A girl Betta is dull and not as pretty as the male. But, a boy Betta is colorful and pretty to attract the female mate.

How Libras girl can attract Scorpios boy?

Same way any girl attracts any boy. Scorpions need trust and honesty. Be truthful to him and direct.

How can a nine year old boy attract a nine year old girl?


Is a boy fish colorful or the girl fish?

It is the male that is the more colorful. They have to attract the mate.

Do boy or girl toads croak?

only the male croaks so it can attract the females.

How do you attract 22 year old boy by 16 year old girl?


How does a ten year old girl attract a ten year old boy?

With Beyblades.

How does a Aries girl attract a Virgo boy?

You'll be disappointed, because Virgo is too cautious for you.

How do you attract a Leo girl i am a Virgo boy?

You'll make better friends than lovers.

I m Virgo boy how to attract a Virgo girl?

You be yourself and be as considerate as possible - don't do to her what you don't want her to do to you!

How does a Capricorn boy attract a Virgo girl?

Virgos like to work as much as you do, but you also need to play!

What do boys think girls are attracted to?

teen boy likes a girl who is confident in theirself that what really attract them.

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