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Why do all atoms of bromine have the same chemical properties?

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They have similar chemical properties because isotopes of an element have the same number of electrons as an atom of that element. The electron arrangement is the same owing to same chemical properties. However they have different numbers of neutrons, which affects the mass number.

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For most elements, all their atoms have the same chemical properties.

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What has the most similar chemical properties to bromine?

Fluorine because it is in the same group (group 17) as Bromine therefore it has the same chemical properties

Do atoms of the same element differ in chemical properties?

No. Atoms of the same element have the same chemical properties.

What elements has properties similar to fluorine?

Chlorine ,Bromine and Iodine have same chemical properties as Fluorine.

How would atoms of the same element be different and would these atoms have different chemical properties?

Atoms of the same element have the same chemical properties. The only differences between atoms of the same element are the number of neutrons in the nucleus and the atomic weight of each isotope.

Which elements below have the same chemical properties as Cl?

Bromine and iodine, which are in the same group as chlorine, have similar type of chemical characteristics.

Are atoms in the same family similar in their chemical properties?

Atoms with the similar characteristics or properties are found in the same group or chemical family on the periodic table. Groups are elements in the same chemical family. Within the same group elements have the same number of valence electrons which determines their chemical properties. Here are some characteristics of some of the groups:

Is there an element who has the same physical and chemical properties as chlorine?

The same? No. Similar? yes, Flourine, Bromine, Iodine. See "HALOGENS"

Do the properties of elements change when combined to form compounds?

The chemical properties of atoms are significantly changed when they form compounds. When elements combine to form compounds it is called a chemical reaction. The compound is then a collection of molecules and each molecule has in it atoms from the elements used in the formation. The atoms in the molecule are still the same atoms as one started with, but the arrangement of the electrons in the atoms has changed. It is the electronic properties of atoms and molecules that really determine the properties they have and which chemical reactions occur and which do not. The chemical properties of an atom or molecule are determined by the arrangement of the electrons of that atom or molecule. Once atoms have gone through a chemical reaction, the electronic structure is changed. The atoms are the same identity, but the properties of the atoms have been changed by the chemical reaction.

Why is the atomic weight of bromine listed on the periodic table not a whole number?

Like almost all of the other elements bromine is a mixture of so-called isotopes. All of these isotopes are bromine and have almost identical chemical properties. They all have the same number of protons in the nuclei of their atoms. However, the numbers of neutrons in their nuclei vary. The atoms of some isotopes of bromine are a little heavier than the atoms of other isotopes. The atomic weight of bromine is the average weight of all of the isotopes of bromine, so it cannot be a whole number.

What is family on periodic table?

Elements with similar numbers of electrons in the outer shells of ther atoms tend to have similar chemical properties. This is why Bromine and Chlorine, for one example, and Neon and Argon, for another example, are said to belong to the same chemical "families".

What atoms have the same chemical properties as those of calcium?

who the hell knows... and who honestly cares

Why do Chlorine and bromine have very similar chemical properties?

They both have the same number of valence electrons. (electrons on the outermost shell)

What if a large atom bonds with a small atom will the new molecule be the same as a large atom or the same as a small atom or different from both atoms?

In any molecule containing a chemical bond between two atoms, irrespective of the relative sizes of the two bonded atoms, the chemical properties of the molecule will be different from the chemical properties of either bonded atom in isolation. the mixture is physical, properties from both elements get used. But if it is chemical, properties are totally new

Is it possible for atoms of the same element to have different chemical properties?

It is, if the atoms are different isotopes. Different isotopes of the same element may act differently.

Does Bromine iodine and chlorine have similar physical properties?

bromine,chlorine and iodine do not have the same physical properties like chlorine is a greenish yellow gas,bromine is brown and iodine is purple liquid so generally they do not have the same physical properties.

What do atoms in the same columns have in common in the periodic table?

They have the same number of valence electrons and similar chemical properties.

John Dalton concluded that all the atoms of a single what have the same mass?

He concluded that all atoms of an element have same mass and identical chemical and physical properties.

Do all atoms have the same properties?

Only the atoms of the same isotope of an element has identical properties.

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