Why do all white women love black men?

That depends on their age (the "phase" of their life), their socio economic background, and the type of black man you're talking about. Most white girls only date and sleep with black men to make their dads angry, and, most are so racist they are very careful not to get pregnant. A given white girl may have a string of black lovers in high school and college only to end up marrying a white guy, have his kids so he doesn't suspect anything but still keep a "black stud" on the side. The main reason though, if I had to point to biology, is how a lot of black dudes have a natural V taper symetry, and tend to be well, but not overly muscled. Most white dudes, you look at the trunk area, that is just the ribcage and waistline, they tend to be shaped like barrels or cylinders, you look at a black dude and its a muscled V taper, which is what women want. Even white dudes who are physically fit tend to have a cylinder shaped trunk. From a mathematical standpoint, black dudes are just shaped better (for the most part) than white guys.

Of course, just throwing something out there, the ancient Hebrews believed that a man's heart, determined the beauty of his daughter. Since it goes both ways it stands to reason that how handsome a woman's son is, depends on what manner of woman she is. If black dudes are "beautiful," that's only because many black women are exceptionally kind human beings, from the ancient Hebrew perspective its as "simple as that." In other words if you're an evil white girl, sorry, but breeding with a black dude may not necessarily give you a strong child. God knows you never hear anything about OJ Simpson's son by Nicole, you only hear about the athletic prowess of his son by a previous marriage.