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Why do animal shelters kill animals?

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sadly to say they don't have the money or space to keep every animal and if it is not found a home for within a certain time period (usually 7-10 days) it will havbe to be put to sleep to make room for other animals that are coming in

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Is it legal for animal shelters to kill animals?

It is not legal for animal shelters to kill animals.

Are there animal shelters that only kill dangerous animals?

Yes. All animal shelters have different characteristics. Some will kill old animals, some will kill animals that never get adopted. Some will never exterminate animals!

Why animal shelters shouldn't kill animals?

because the shelters don't kill the animals they save their lives that's what are for shelters to do I hope this help you and they shouldn't because a shelters are to keep animals safe and sound.

Should there be animal kill shelters?

No, no. Killing animals

How many animal shelters are no kill shelters?

Animal league in new York does not harm animals they just take care and sell no kill

Number of kill animal shelters are in the US?

there is over 300 shelters in the us that kill animals if they are not bought in a certain amount of time

Should animal shelters be no kill?

In my opinion, yes. Animals should not be killed if they can't get adopted. Put it this way, if you were in a foster home and you couldn't get adopted, would you want to be killed? No, so why should the shelters kill the animals? Exactly, they shouldn't because that is called abuse. So final answer: All animal shelters should become no-kill animal shelters.

How do kill shelters kill animals?

Shelters kill animals if they are sick or aggressive. Sadly, they do kill animals if they get too full.

Does it cost more to kill the animals in animal shelters then to keep them in no kill shelters?

No, the answer is no because either way they will die which will cause alot of evaporation in animals life keep them in a shelter without KILLING THEM

Which animal shelters have a no kill animal policy?

In California, there are a number of shelters that do not euthanize animals including Alpha Canine Sanctuary, Animal Rescue of Fresno, and Dhara Rescue for Cats and Dogs.

Why do animal shelters take in stray animals?

because their animal shelters. ??

What are the bad things about animals shelters?

The list below names some bad things about animal shelters: 1. The animals have had a bad experience will people; they are likely to have a bad temper. 2. Most animal shelters will kill more than 90% of the animals they keep. 3. Some animal shelters may kill animals that they have kept for 7 or 14 days. 4. You never know what you are buying from an animal shelter, as you may have seen the animal only on a poster that people have made to look attractive. 5. Some animal shelters may not try their hardest to sell animals, and therefore kill most of them. 6. Some animal shelters may use a toxic gas to suffocate the animals that they want to kill (as opposed to euthanasia). 7. Not all animal shelters will accept every animal that is offered to them, therefore not doing their job of saving animals and rather killing them. 8. Some animal shelters will even kill very young animals (puppies, kittens, etc.). 9. You don't know where animals from animal shelters have come from. Most of the animals have been found on the streets. Remember that you should always buy dogs from breeders. It is exceptional to buy birds, reptiles, rabbits, and cats from pet stores, but you never know where a dog from a pet store came from (shelter, puppy mill, etc.). Remember that breeders are always the best! I hope this helps, and that people will find a good alternative to animal shelters!

What does an animal shelter get paid?

Only high kill shelters get real money :( Shelters only get money when they humanly euthanize animals. Makes NOOOOOOOOOOOOO sense at all. No kill shelters are run by donations. DO NOT support high kill shelters, puppy mills or pestores!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How many animal shelters are kill shelters in the us?


HOW do shelters kill animals?

a shot

Are animal shelters good?

animal shelters are wonderul and there great for homless animals that dont have a home i love it

How many animals are in animal shelters?

There are over 7 million pets in animal shelters looking for homes.

How can you protect animals shelters?

you can protect animal shelters by giving money donations

Do animals in animal shelters get regular exercise?

Sometimes they do, but in cruel animal shelters they don't.

Are animals living in shelters in Canada being killed after a certain length of stay and if so by what method?

There are sadly tons and tons of shelters that humanely euthanize (Usually it is an injection into a vein) animals after a certain length of stay. There are so many animals that are going into shelters than there are being adopted. However there are also no kill shelters that will keep an animal as long as it takes to find it a home. If you have to bring an animal to a shelter please find out if it is a no kill shelter if it is find somewhere else that isn't.

Where do they get the animals for animal testing?

Some animals are used from animal shelters others are from in vitro process.

Who does animal shelters help?

because animal shelters supply food and water and a shelter to the animals, without them, the animals would be in the wild most likely dead.

What percent of America's shelters kill the animals?


Are animals taken from animal shelters to be used for animal testing?

They usually breed them just for testing, but sometimes they do get them out of shelters and pounds.

Where are the local animal shelters in Wiltshire, England?

Protecting animals is very important. Where are the local animal shelters in Wiltshire, England?