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Many animals become quiet before a storm because they are scared of the storm. Most animals know when a storm is coming.

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Why does it go quiet just before a storm starts?

Because animals can sense when it is going to storm, and they will go into their nests, holes, whatever they live in, and be quiet before a storm starts and during it. Insects do this too.

How do peacocks know when a storm is coming?

Most animals know when a storm is coming. When the birds are quiet before a storm, stuff like that. I am not sure how,but I think it is because they can sense the static from the lightning and stuff, like you can sometimes before a storm. Hope this helps!

What Is a quiet before the storm?

Often times before a hurricane comes there isn't very much noise because most animals have already sensed a storm coming and left, therefore you don't hear birds singing etc, etc,. It is often used as a phrase for people's life, like if your life was going really well someone that's a pessimist might say it's the quiet before the storm.

What is the mood of quiet storm?


What are the release dates for Being Mike Tyson - 2013 Quiet Before the Storm 1-2?

Being Mike Tyson - 2013 Quiet Before the Storm 1-2 was released on: USA: 24 September 2013

When was Quiet Storm - song - created?

Quiet Storm - song - was created on 1999-03-14.

Is the eye of a hurricane the region of most intense storm activity?

No, the eye of a hurricane is known for being the quiet, still time before the rest of the storm passes over.

What are the ratings and certificates for Quiet Storm on Ibiza - 2002 V?

Quiet Storm on Ibiza - 2002 V is rated/received certificates of: Germany:o.Al.

What can hurricanes do?

They can blow down old houses and its kind of like a tornado. It can take electricity out and gas so you have to be alert. Before a hurricane or a storm comes its really quiet and starts raining then the storm comes and the rain is very heavy.

Does it get quiet before a tornado?

It can get quite, but not always. On a number of occasions people have reported an eerie silence before a tornado strikes. However, in other cases, the storm keeps on raging even as the tornado strikes.

What does a barometer do before a storm?

it drops sharply before a storm. (I think)

What happens just before the storm?

There is always a calm before a storm.

How do you become a mascot on penguin storm?

Get penguin storm

Why does a frog croak before a storm?

Frogs will always croak, but it seems as if they croak more before a storm. This is because all noises become louder and more vibrant just before rain because the sound is reflected and magnified by the low clouds.

What will be the name of the first hurricane of 2017?

The first named storm of 2017 was Arlene, but it was only a tropical storm, not a hurricane. Five more names storms would fail to become hurricanes before Franklin become the first actual hurricane.

Where does the comma go before the major next big storm you?

"Before the next major storm, you" ...

What song did raheem devaughn sample in you?

"Moments In Love (Quiet Storm Version)" by The Art Of Noise

Can aimals sense tornadoes before they arrive?

While animals might know that a bad storm is approaching it is doubtful that they can sense tornadoes specifically.

When did Sandy become a tropical storm?

Sandy first became a tropical storm a few hours after forming on October 22, 2012. After becoming a hurricane on October 24, Sand briefly weakened back to a tropical storm on October 27 before restrengthening.

Flies will swarm before a storm?

yes when a storm come a will swarm

Is freshwater fishing good before a storm?

Usually, fish turn on right before an approaching storm front.

What is the definition of Sushant?

There's no definition of the Name: Sushant but, yes the name Sushant stands for calmness. The calmness one can hear before the lightning strikes the ground or the calmness before a storm. SU means Very Shant means Quiet. So Sushant means Very Quiet True my boyfrnd's name is Sushant and he's really calm and good person

Why do insects move inside before a storm?

Insects move inside before a storm comes due to temperature changes. They can sense a drop in temperature before the approaching storm hits and seek warm shelter.

What did the animals do after the windmill was destroyed in Animal Farm?

It was by a storm

What word comes before the word before in the before the storm?


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