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As a recovering anorexic, and i mean a REAL one, one that is 26 yrs old, and weighed 80 lbs at 5'4,who has been in & out of hospitals & had a heart attack, I can honestly say, i never ate carrots, hated them, still do! I dont know of any anorexic actually who eats a lot of carrots?! And i have been in special therapy groups with like dozens of em'! Anorexia,is not a joke to all you out there, it is a physcological thing, not a choice, and most certainly not just about counting calories & over exercise! Although anorexics do count calories & over exercise this is not the base of the disease, the base is a part of your brain being infected, mostly caused by sexual assults & traumas(especially at a young age)! Why would an anorexic eat carrots? when they could eat a square cube of skinless boneless chicken breast at the same value! Last time i checked carrots were loaded with carbs & natural sugars, the fact that its healthy for you would actually make a real true anorexic stay away from it, as its a voice inside of your head that tells you what you do & eat. you see carrots have like, no calories, they are crunchy so you're mouth thinks you're eating something nice, like chips AND when you poo it's only carrots- you can see and smell them, so it assures you that yes, you only ate a bag of carrots. that's like... 15 calories!!!!!!!!!! Well dear, carrots are healthy and hardly have any calories. (they also have alot of vitmin A.) Well i guess i must be an out of the mainstream anorexic, carrots disgust me, i dnt care how few calories they have. HOWEVER, i have found myself dipping them in bits of mustard when i neeeeeeddd to taste something... well i use them more like a shovel for mustard. i love it, zero cals, i dont care about nutrient value. so maybe some anorexics "love" carrots, but you try starving yourself for 3 months dear, you'll see that anorexics love ALL FOOD.

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Q: Why do anorexics love carrots?
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