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Because they make you feel better.

At the height of a clinical depression a person is literally too depressed to commit suicide most of the time, they usually lack sufficient energy or will to do it and remain in bed for hours instead.. When started on antidepressants the patient begins to feel a bit better but still quite depressed (antidepressants take awhile to fully kick in) during this period of time it is more likely that a person will have the energy and will to commit or seriously consider suicide.

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Can you just wean yourself off of antidepressants?

It's not advisable. If done improperly, you can experience very bad side effects including but not limited to extreme suicidal thoughts.

How do you know if your thoughts are suicidal?

If your thoughts are of how to kill yourself, wanting to kill yourself, and/or thinking it would be better if you were not alive then your thoughts are suicidal.

What are side effects in antidepressants on children?

generally speaking, antidepressants might increase suicidal rate in children and teenagers.

Why do antidepressants cause suicidal thoughts?

Yes, it even says so on the commercials. The medicine messes with the chemicals in your brain. Thus resulting in suicidal thoughts and sometimes actions. If you or someone you know are taking some sort of depression medicine and are experiencing this, and feel it could result in suicide, stop taking the medicine and contact your doter immediately. God Bless.

Are suicidal thoughts normal?

No. They interfere with your mental health. But while these thoughts may not be normal, you aren't the only person dealing with suicidal thoughts. There are thousands who have felt the same way you do. You are not abnormal or an outcast just because of suicidal thoughts. Please check the related questions and links.

How do you deal with suicidal thoughts?

talk to a councellor

What does it mean to have suicidal tendencies?

Suicidal tendencies means that the individual engages in thoughts about suicide (suicidal ideation) or behaviours that are gestures suggestive of suicide.

Is it okay that you wouldn't mind dying?

This path of thinking can result in suicidal thoughts. If you never have thoughts of killing yourself and you believe your life has value and meaning then I don't see where you not minding death is a problem. If you do start thinking suicidal thoughts, don't be afraid to speak out and get help. You won't be the first to have suicidal thoughts and you won't be the last.

What were some of Benjamin Franklin's obstacles?

suicidal thoughts

Can you be hospitalised for suicidal thoughts?

Yes, you can be hospitalized for suicidal thoughts. If those thought arise to the level where competent doctors agree that you are a danger to yourself or others, you may be detained against your will for observation. If it the end of that observation period, the doctors prove to a judge that those thoughts make you a danger to yourself or others you may be held indefinitely.

Social psychological problems in Pakistan?

depressionsuicidal thoughts

What are suicidal thoughts?

when you feel like you want to kill yourself

How can you stop suicidal thoughts?

it just takes high confidence

Can you get kicked out of the navy just for having suicidal thoughts?


Is suicidal thoughts normal for a teenager?

Generally I would say that teens go through a lot. So life can feel hard and unfair at times. So some suicidal thoughts might be seen as ok. If it becomes suicidal ideation (where thoughts of suicide become frequent and strong) then attention should be sought from a pysch. Personally if you are getting suicidal thoughts I would suggest you speak to a counsellor or someone like a teacher and discuss what is behind them...

Why does ishmael decide to travel in the book Moby Dick?

Escape his suicidal thoughts

What are signs of hidden anger?

Heavy breathing, shaking/trembling, occasional smart-alek responses, homicidal thoughts, suicidal thoughts, genocidal thoughts, etc., etc.

You are having suicidal thoughts is there help you can get with no insurance?

Absolutely. There is no charge for counseling at a prevention organization.

What was Biggie Smalls last song?

i think its "suicidal thoughts" on the ready to die album

How do you make your life shorter without suicide?

That is masked suicide. You are denying you are suicidal by telling yourself that you just want to make your life shorter not take it completely away. If this is due to thinking your family will reject you if you tell them about your suicidal thoughts, then go talk to a professional or someone you know that will accept and support you.

How do children learn if they have bipolar disorder?

they start to have suicidal thoughts and their moods begging to change rapidly.

How can you stop having suicidal thoughts?

Even if this sounds scary talk to someone in your family you can trust

Can Prozac kill you?

Can kill you indirectly because a serious side effect of this drug is suicidal thoughts.

Do ostriches have suicidal thoughts?

I think it just depends on the ostriche but i do belive they do after something that causes them to be in shock

How long do they hold you in ER for suicidal thoughts?

Generally you will not be held in the ER, but transferred to a mental health facility. The normal hold time for someone that is suicidal is a minimum of 72 hours.

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