Why do apartments not report your standing with them unless it is bad?

There are expenses involved in reporting and updating to the major credit bureaus. So apartment complexes and other landlords typically do not report month to month activity on their tenants. If a consumer needs to establish rental history, there are other methods. These include verbal and written verification from the apartment management or landlord, copies of cancelled checks or bank statements. These are standard in the lending industry and would likely be required even if you had a entry on your credit report. There are other credit bureaus, known as tenant screening agencies, which have their own clients (who report and update to them) and from whom prospective landlords pull when you apply for an apartment. These are specialized bureaus and show data on past tenants that has a specific bearing on rental history. It is much more likely that an apartment complex would report to that type of bureau before they would report on the regular ones, (Equifax, Experian, & Trans Union). Once again, because this is an expense, apartments will often only report derogatory information on tenants who caused problems rather than positive information on every tenant.