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Royal pythons - from their Latin name Python regius - are well-known for their 'random' food fasts. Some of the specimens I've had over the last 25-plus years have gone almost a year without food - despite it being offered on a regular basis (even changing the food to a different rodent failed !)

So long as your python isn't losing massive amounts of weight, and is still drinking water, it should be okay. Keep offering food at your usual intervals (weekly, bi-weekly etc). It wouldn't hurt to get it checked out by a vet - to rule out a medical problem (such as internal parasites etc).

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No, Ball Pythons cannot eat people. Ball Pythons are too small, therefore, they are a popular choice for a pet snake.

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They're not big enough to constrict humans. Their have been no reports of a ball python even hurting a human.

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They don't eat humans. The largest animal most ball pythons eat is a rat.

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Q: Why do ball pythons eat humans?
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Do tigers eat ball pythons?

no,tigers and ball pythons never met before

Do Ball pythons eat any different snakes?

No - Royal (ball) Pythons are rodent eaters !

How do eagles hunt ball pythons?

Eagles wait for the Ball Pythons to stop moving and then swoop in and snatch them up and then eat them.

Will a ball python eat a boa or will a boa eat a ball python?

A boa can eat a ball python... It's happened before. I'm not sure if pythons could eat boas though. I don't think pythons are cannibalistic.

Do African rock pythons eat humans?


Can ball pythons eat horney toads?

burmese python

Do ball pythons eat during shedding period?


What types of animals eat Ball Pythons?

Young ball pythons will be eaten by many types of birds, wild dogs and hyenas, etc. However adult ball pythons will be eaten by birds as well, and sometimes even lions and leapards. (P.S. ball pythons are native to Africa. They cool down there bodies by going into termite or ant mounds.)

Will ball pythons eat fruit?

No. All snakes are strictly carnivorous.

What animals eat ball pythons?

wild predators include other snake eating species of snake: Kingsnakes, king cobras, etc. also birds of prey and really any other predator large enough. ball pythons are not a snakes eating species and generally will not try to eat another ball python.

Will a ball python eat anther snake?

A Ball Python will not eat another snake. Ball pythons are nice and docile. They make good pets too!

Why are ball pythons called ball pythons?

they call them ball pythons because they roll up into a ball when they are frightened but they call them royal pythons because in all the palaces in Africa they kept them around to eat the rodents hence the name royal python Edit: They got the name Royal Python from their latin name of Python regius - LONG before they got the nick-name 'ball python'