Why do birds poop on statues?

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Just because they like to sit on them for a rest and the statue happens to get in the way!

Really, they see a statue as a strange sort of tree to sit in...it's just that you don't always notice trees getting bird droppings on them and they aren't damaged by them.

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How can you prevent birds from pooping in your swimming pool?

Attention, All Birds! . I had the same problems regarding birds pooping in the pool. My neighbor advised me to use an alligator float chlorinator. I purchased the alligator at Home Depot and put it in my pool. The result? No birds even close to the pool... birds do NOT like the alligator. . Lo ( Full Answer )

Why don't birds poop in water?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nWho says birds don't poop in water! Seagulls do! I know ... got sprayed by one last summer. Yuk!\n. \n. \n comment \n. \nBirds as a whole can and do poop in water if they happen to need to go when they are near water. \n. \nBut, pet parrots (whether near you ( Full Answer )

Why do birds do poop droppings on peoples vehicles?

\n. \n nest, stupid \n. \nBecause, for birds to poop in their nests, well that's one stupid bird.\n. \n. \nBirds poop everywhere, they do not "target" cars, people, or statues, etc. It just seems that way because these things matter more to us than grass, parking lots, etc. Admittedly, som ( Full Answer )

How do you keep birds from pooping on your deck?

You don't.. The good part is that if they do simply wet it, wait a couple minutes and wipe it off easily.. Reference:. Cleaning bird poop off my floor every day from my pet birds..

Is it dangerous to swim in a pool that has bird poop?

Answer . I would guess if you were to jump in a swimming pool that does in fact has bird droppings skimming on the surface, from medically illustrating the situation, yes. For someone who goes and swims at a distance away from where the poop is floating near depending whether or not it may be fi ( Full Answer )

Why do birds poop?

All living things have to get rid of waste matter, and birds are living things.

Do birds poop?

Yes. Birds are a living creature and since all living creatures have to get rid of waste matter, then yes. Besides, if you go down to your local shopping centre (if it has pigeons) then there will be bird excrement everywhere.

How do you prevent birds from pooping on your car?

I was told that birds often attack their own reflection (leaving traces of poop behind) and that placing opaque shower caps over the side-view mirrors may eliminate some reflective surface. . You could also build a garage or car port. That would keep the snow and ice off as well.

Why do birds poop on people?

They poop when and where they want to. If there's a person underneath them, they will poop on them. It's not deliberate, they just go when they have to go. Birds are not smart enough to use poop as a weapon. They are just responding to the call of nature and the needs of their bowels.

How do you keep birds from nesting and pooping on the deck?

Keeping birds away from docks, decks, boats, and other structures can be a real challenge, but not impossible. If you plan at the beginning of the boating season to keep pest birds away, you will be able to enjoy your boat and deck. Most bird control methods will require timing, persistence, var ( Full Answer )

Do birds poop on people?

Yes they can but not deliberately. They are flying innocently just doing their own thing, and, well, the people just get in the way, that's all.

What does it mean when a bird poops on you?

It means you were in the way!. When one of the kids in my class got pooped on by a bird my teacher said that it meant he was going to have good luck! Then he got a a B+ on his science test!

Why do birds poop on their legs?

Birds sometimes defecate on their legs as a cooling mechanism. The evaporation of the excrement on their legs works like sweat does in humans. This is called "Urohidrosis" or "Urohydrosis."

How can you prevent birds from pooping on your deck?

If they are flying over, nothing. You can perhaps try positioning a fake owl or other predatory bird on your roof, but this is limited as most birds get used to them and ignore them after awhile. If they are landing on your deck, you can try running pie plates of other reflective materials around s ( Full Answer )

Do tadpoles come from bird poop?

no sorry they come from eggs laid by frogs. some frogs even carry their eggs on their back while others lay them in a pond in a safe place

Is bird poop dangerous?

No, but some people say that a bird pooping on you is good luck. Me, not so much.

What is bird poop made of?

Bird poop i smade of the sit they eat now dont go outside and try to fguir

Do birds poop and pee?

Without sounding disgusting, birds do not individually pee. Their urine is mixed up with their excrement.

Is eating bird poop dangerous?

It can get you pretty sick. It's waste, afterall. But it mainly depends on if the bird is healthy or not.

Why do birds only poop?

Isn't it because the poo is sorta runny so i am guessing it is a mixture lmao

How do you stop birds pooping on your balcony?

If the birds are flying into your area (not walking up, such as ducks coming in from a nearby pond) try stringing clear mono-filament fishing line above your head, say off the roofs edge. Make sure the lines are high enough so people will not run into them, and make sure you string enough lines to b ( Full Answer )

Do birds poop in their nest?

No. But they lay eggs in their nests that later hatch into baby birds. The mother feeds them worms and insects.

How do you prevent birds from pooping on my deck?

What you can do it put a bird feeder in a tree or somewhere about 10 or 20 feet away from where the birds poop on your deck so they will go there when they come to your yard and not land on the dack. if they still come, try putting something up so they won't land by the deck. like my bird dislikes b ( Full Answer )

Why do birds poop in their water bowls?

birds are messy naturally. they were just born that way, so i guess you'll just have to clean their bowl alot. hope that help. =]

What bird does not poop?

There is no such bird. Any bird with a properly functioning digestive system will release parts of food that it does not need in the form of waste (poop). The only thing that would cause a bird or any living creature not to do so is constipation, which again is an unhealthy condition.

Is bird poop bouncy?

yes! But only i think if it is canarys because she pooped on me before and it bounced off my shirt and it makes a good toy xD

Why is bird poop black with white dot?

Birds do not urinate as people do. Their urine is excreted with their feces. Their feces is actually brownish-black in color and the white you see mixed in with it is the "urine", which is actually very concentrated urea, not urine itself. Also, usually the bird feces can be white with a black spot ( Full Answer )

What is in birds poop?

A bird urinates and defecates at the same time, so it's a mix of urates and feces.

What happens if you eat bird poop?

Depends on what bird it came from. If its a very common bird and not that exotic, you should be completely fine. I sort of ingested it once. You should be OK you dont need a stomach pump or anything. Dont think about it too much or you'll cause a phycological sick feeling. Happened to me too. As ( Full Answer )

What will happen if you ingest bird poop?

GO TO THE DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY! My mother is a doctor and bird poop contains many harmful chemicals that can severely damage your stomach and intestines. How long has it been since ingested?

What does it mean when bird poops on you in dream?

Both the excrement and the bird are symbols that your mind is using to represent other things. The bird might symbolize a person, particularly someone who might be bird-like or have a bird related name such as Robyn or Falconer, etc. It could also represent an organization - if the bird is a bald ea ( Full Answer )

Can birds poop be purple?

Yes.... its all over the side of my house and my car..... not surewhy its purple tho! Im actually googling the answer to that rightnow which is how i came across ur question lol.... though id answersimce it seems no one else xared enough to give a simple yes or nohaha

Can birds poop out fish?

It is possible for birds to poop out fish if they have been consumed prior to deification. The fish will not be whole because they have been digested by the bird at this point.

Why does my dog like bird poop?

Because it smells good and taste good to him. Just don't let himlick you afterward. Dogs also like other disgusting things, likeanimal carcasses and stuff put in the garbage.