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This is because... boys always like to rush into things i think this could be due to peer pressure and wanting to loose there virginity first because its so said to be 'cool' etc. Dont be pressurised into anything you dont do and if you dont want to then always talk to your boyfriend about it first. I know being a girl that somtimes you feel very strongly about making the right choice of boy and making sure he is the right one for you before rushing into things so i think you should always stand your ground for what you want and if he doesnt want you for who you are then find someone that respects your views and understands what you want.

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Do boys talk more than girls?

well actually girls do talk more than boys. because of how girls or more you emotionally and they have more common interest in a lot of things that boys aren't in

Who is better girls or boys and why?

Boys are a lot better because girls think boys can't do anything they can do.

Can boys start lifting weights before girls?

Yes. A lot of boys do weights before girls. Some girls don't even do weights. A lot of girls do weights before boys as well. Some boys don't do weights either.

Who flirts more boys or girls?

will girls because i see a lot of girls talk about makeup and nails hiar and boys will am a girl i talk about boys.

What types of legos are most popular with young girls?

Although I do not see a lot of legos that are aimed toward girls as much as I do boys. There are things like Harry Potter, Whinnie the Pooh and Pet Shop Legos that can be for both boys or girls.

Who dreams a lot boys or girls?

Both genders dreams a lot.

How many boys and how many girls are in schools?

A lot.

Who dream more boys or girls?

Girls dream a lot more than boys because they are less emotionally stable

Can boys jump rope?

Of course boys can jump rope. I know a lot of boys who do jump rope, and they're better than A LOT of the girls.

How do boys be bullies?

Boys are a lot more physical than girls. Tina Ford

Do guys like girls that laugh a lot and why?

Guys like different kinds of girl. Some boys like a girl that laughs a lot and can have fun and some boys find it annoying. Everyone likes different things.

Do American girls like English boys?

American girls love English boys! if you're like me, and a lot of girls are, then girls absolutley love their accent and how they care for a girl.

Why do girls talk about boys?

because they like them a lot....they love them

Can boys do ballet?

Yes, quite a lot of boys do it. When they get older they can do pas de deux with girls.

How do you get girls to take off their shirts on webcam?

Girls have blouses; BOYS have shirts. You have a lot to learn.

Why do guys pick fight with the girls they love?

because boys get a lot angrear than girls do.

Is ballet for boys?

Ballet is for boys and girls. There are many famous boy ballerinas, and I know a lot of boys that take ballet.

Do boys like to kiss girls a lot?

Boys do tend to kiss girls a lot because either of the feeling they experience or because her lips are either plump and smooth or just cute lips.

Why girls lie a lot more than boys?

Both girls and boys can lie equally and it is not simply girls who lie a lot. Some boys are more apt to eye girls or go out with one girl and cheat on her and lie about more often than some girls would because most girls are more romantically inclined even if their dreams of what love is about is fantasized.

Why do girls talk a lot more than boys?

Girls are more emotional than boys and also because they have more common interest do to how girls are more emotionally challenge

What are all the differences between boys and girls?

girls have 2 x chromosomes boys have an x AND a y girls generally have a lot more estrogen boys have more testosterone girls usually have a vagina boys have a penis girls have a hole for sex and a hole for pee boys have on hole for both girls have ovaries boys have testicles girls usually have a uterus and wider hips boys have no uterus and are basically curveless girls go through menopause boys are usually fertile until they die girls' faces are basically hairless boys grow mustaches and beards girls can give birth boys can impregnate women

Do boys kiss girls on the first date?

yes, the first kiss can tell a lot of unsaid things and create a closeness towards each other.

Why do boys stare at girls a lot?

Because they are admiring their feminine qualities.

What is the role of a boy in his family?

boys play a significant role in his family.i don't say that girls role in his family is not important but in the family there is lot of many things that boys can do but girls not and there is many things that girls can do but boys not.there is no one difference in boys and girls all of the difference was made by our culture or our elder people because they don't study the value of girl they only want boy for their familt to uncrease.this is so wrong so we have to do something like give study to persons that they can read the value of girl with value of boy.

Why do a lot of girls act like they like you but doesn't want to go out with you?

because a lot of girls flirt with a lot of boys and play hard to get and don't just want you. sorry! some girls (like me) are incredibly shy, but look for these things: you catch her looking at you a lot, she is staring off into space in your direction, she talks to your friends a lot more that usual...look for those things and then ask her friends a couple of questions (if i was helpful to you, could you please recommend me)

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