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if a boy finger is because either they want to turn u on/ or they want to make u feel good so then u can make them feel good/ or they want sex/ or they just want to feel ur vagina

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Do boys finger themselves?

Yes they do it feels wonderful

How do boys finger them selves?

that is disgusting and you are a perverted freak!!!

Can boys finger them selfs?

Yes but only in their anus.

Why did one of kate and Jon gosselins boys go to the emergency room?

One of the boys had a hurt finger.

How do girls finger boys?

through their butcrack but it does not feel as good

Do boys like to finger girls?

No, we're just returning the favor.

What is the name of the thing that lives in the little boys finger in the Shining?


Do boys like to finger girls with hairy vaginas?

Yeah sure they are cool..

What is the name of the south park episode where the boys start a band?

Something You Can Do With Your Finger

Why do humans have finger nails?

because girls love paiting them and some boys :P

What is Walsall Academy's mission statement?

finger underage boys to death by ring sting

How do boys finger girls?

Fingering a girl is a simple mater of putting the finger or fingers into, onto around a girls vagina with the intention of getting her sexually exited.

What are total record sales for the beastie boys?

50 billion but say it like Dr.Evil with the pinky finger

Why was one of the gosselin boys in the er?

He had an injured finger. Jon and Kate's son has recovered and is doing fine.

Do boys like it when girls finger themselfs?

Some do but some don't. For the guys that do it makes them horny as hell.

Do inner planets have a thick atmosphere?

The booger landed on the boys finger while he was licking his booty hole

What lipstick was Hilary Duff wearing in her reach out video when she sucks on the boys finger?

NARS Lip Gloss in Gothika

If a yoyo is about to leave a boys finger does it have kinetic or potential energy?

The yoyo that is about to leave a boys fingers has potential energy. The energy is potential because it has the promise of leaving the hands but is not yet in motion.

Who is the actress in the ATT Milky Minutes commercial who wags her finger at the boys?

Her name is Geneva Carr Her name is Geneva Carr

What does ponyo is out mean?

ponyo means magic because in the story ponyo, ponyo licks the boys finger and its all better!!!

What kind of games did children play in the 1800s?

knick knackin most countries boys used to wank and girls used to finger

Why do boys like to finger girls?

Boys like to finger us because they like to explore our bodies and learn what goes where in a sense. Go with it, though because the right guy can get you off very powerfully with just his fingers. At 26 I still love it when a man plays with me down there. Just tell him what you want him to do there, where to rub etc and you will be in heaven!

Can 13 year old boys finger 13 year old girls?

YUCK. please, please, please save fingering (AKA THIRD BASE) till you are at least 16...and never finger a girl if they arent comfortable.

What are the piano finger numbers?

Your thumb is finger 1, your index finger is finger 2, your middle finger is finger 3, your ring finger is finger 4, and your pinky is finger 5

What is the finger called between the ring finger and your index finger?

The finger between your ring finger and your pointer finger is your middle finger.