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Boys like girls. Boys also like sex. Girls and sex in combination with each other are therefore extremely well-liked by boys. However, boys do not like other boys; lesbians solve this problem by not involving boys in their activities.

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Q: Why do boys think lesbians are hot?
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Why do girls think lesbians are hot?

They think that because they are bisexual

Which are sexier bisexuals or lesbians?

Hot lesbians.

Do boys like lesbians?

Everyone likes lesbians. They are nice people.

Can boys be lesbians?

No, lesbians are women. Boys can't be lesbians.

I am straight and live with two lesbians. they both look like small boys. are they butch lesbians. the younger one keeps coming into my room and doing things to me and i like it. am i gay too?

No that does not make you gay if u think lesbians are attracktive.I personaly like lesbians but i am not gay...

Are there more nerdy boys or hot boys?

i think theres more hot boys because as boys get older they start working out and acting getto and stuff......

What do teenage boys think are hot in teenage boys?

Their hair and their abs

Why do lesbians wear mens underwear?

Because. Lots of us think it's comfortable/hot to do so.

What does it mean when boys want you?

They think your hot.

Can you see hot lesbians?

Unless you have a visual impairment or are blind, you can see all lesbians, whether they are hot or not. elcinoca

Do all lesbians dress like boys?


Why do boys like girl fights?

Well, the boys think it's "hot"

Do lesbians like gay boys?

It depends on the person, but most lesbians have many gay male friends.

What do boys secretly think about girls?

there hot as the sun

Why do teen boys sag?

Cause they think its hot.

Do lesbians like boys still?

Yes -- boys just don't turn them on sexually.

Are lesbians girls or boys?

A lesbian is a girl who wants to have "relationships" with other girls, not boys.

Why do boys think girls making out is hot?

there could be a lot of reasons why boys think girls kissing is hot or sexy. for 1 boys can not get some so they look a girl on girl. so it just hot we will never no maybe but some day we will and add on so we can fine this out .

Do boys annoy girls when they think they are hot and cute?


Do boys think tall girls are hot?

hell yea

Why do all the hot boys always have horrible personalities?

Not all of them. However, the "hot boys" that are mean are probably aware that people think they're hot so they think they can get away with anything. They also have to keep their status up, hence the horrible personality.Most hot boys are so funny. its the boys that have a cute face have the problems ahhhhhhh:P

Why do boys just assume that EVERY girl is into them?

Because boys think that when girls talk to them they automatically like them also they think the girl is hot

Why are the boys in my class talking about your booty?

because boys are obsessed with buts! they think theyre sooo hot!

Can lesbians get married in Sims 2?

yes in fact children can get married and children with adults and boys with boys

Can lesbians fall in love with boys?

If they are true lesbians, no. They can't like men. If they are bisexual though, then they can have feelings for men and women.

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