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Do guys like lesbians?

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some men can and do like lesbians. even if they know they are a lesbian, most men cant help it when they are attracted to certain women. u should read hard love, its a book about a man who falls in love with a lesbian. i loved it!

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Do lesbians like gay guys?

No, not in a sexual way of course. That's because lesbians like women, guys are not women.

Do girls like gay guys like guys like lesbians?

Some do and some don't.

Do lesbians like straight guys?

Yes, most lesbians have straight male friends.

Why do guys like lesbians?

Guys fanatasise about women being together.. so it just enhances the dream

Do lesbians do guys for fun?


Why guys are turned on by Lesbians?

They are not.

Why is his best friend a lesbian?

Because she is just one of the guys, but better looking. Most lesbians think like most guys, they are all about WOMEN. So a guy can relate to most lesbians.

Are most prostitutes lesbians?

most of prostitutes are lesbians

Can guys get HIV easier than lesbians?


Are guys attracted to lesbians?

Some are and some aren't.

If you are attracted to the same sex and consider yourself a lesbian but occasionally like guys does that mean that you are actually bisexual?

If by "like" you mean "sexually attracted", then yes.If you just like their company, then no.In fact man-hating lesbians are not "real"(=natural) lesbians:They are lesbians because they hate/despise/fear men, not because they love women.

Traits of lesbians?

they can act like girls and like girly girls or they they can act like guys and like girls. these are the most important thing to know when it comes to traits.

Why do guys get turned on by lesbians?

Please don't lump all guys into the same group. You can find guys that get turned on by anything.

What to do when you are straight but like looking at lesbians?

A straight guy can find girl-on-girl pornography. A lot of guys are into this. If you are a straight girl, who likes looking at lesbians, maybe you should ask yourself why. Or why you think you are straight?

Do lesbians grow to be guys?

No. Lesbians are women who are attracted to other women. Women do not become (or grow to be) men, unless they undergo substantial surgery.

What are lesbians like?

Lesbians are like every other girls except they are attracted to females.

Why do lesbians not like men?

They are "lesbians" which mean they like/love girls. Lesbians often have male friends they are just not attracted to men sexually.

Do emo guys like it when girls kiss?

Being emo doesnt change what you like in if your a heterosexual guy who likes seeing lesbians kiss...ya they do.

Do boys like lesbians?

Everyone likes lesbians. They are nice people.

Do lesbians like licking each others penises?

lesbians do not have penises

Why don't lesbians like men?

Lesbians don't necessarily dislike men. They just like women better.

If a girl is attracted to lesbians who dress act like guys butch studs does that make them bi?

Yes if the girl is into boys as well that means she is bi sexual.

Why are people more attracted to lesbians but not gay guys?

It's just a stigma in society. Most straight guys enjoy or like seeing lesbians make out, but are not cool with gay guys doing the same because they are of their same gender, and the fact according to modern day society a man is supposed to act manly and not feminine like. It's more looked down upon than lesbians. I really don't understand it, to be honest It's ridiculous, to say the least. It's really not fair -- I'm a bisexual girl, but I love my gay and lesbian friends just the same.

What type and color Vehicles do lesbians like?

There is no connection between lesbians and the color of their vehicles.

What do you think about lesbians?

Lesbians are people just like anyone else. They live just like a straight person would.