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Some cheap glasses will have lenses that refract the light to such a degree, like wearing mild prescription glasses. it wont permanently damage your eyes, but it could give you a headache. cheap sunglasses could also not give your eyes the UV protection they need. Thuis may resolve in damage to the eyes.

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Are sunglasses good for your eyes?

Yes. UV rays cause harm to your eyes. It's nothing to be scared of but sunglasses do confer some positive benefits besides just looking good. Note: Some cheap sunglasses do not confer protection against UV rays.When in doubt do some research.

When was Cheap Sunglasses created?

Cheap Sunglasses was created in 1979.

How does sunglasses protects my eyes?

Sunglasses help protect your eyes by blocking ultraviolet light

What is new with the Start button in vista?

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What causes eyes to fog sunglasses?

eyes don't fog sunglasses. Breath or humidity might.

Do sunglasses eat your eyes?


Are fake Oakley glasses bad for eyes?

Just because sunglasses may be knock-offs, it doesn't mean that they're going to be bad for your eyes. Sometimes sunglasses that are extremely cheap can have different opacity in the lenses, which causes problems with depth perception, but you should be fine with your fake Oakleys.

What kind of sunglasses protect your eyes from uv rays?

Ray Ban sunglasses.

Why might it be less dangerous to wear no sunglasses than to wear sunglasses that do not block UV light?

Wearing sunglasses that do not block UV light are tinted sunglasses. This tinted sunglasses cause more harm than wearing no sunglasses

What protects the eyes?

Sunglasses 8-)

How and when to use sunglasses?

You use sunglasses by putting them on your head, covering your eyes. Their purpose is to protect your eyes from the sun. You use them when the sun is bothering you.

Where could one buy cheap DKNY sunglasses?

One could find used DKNY sunglasses for a cheap price on eBay. Other possibilities are new DKNY sunglasses that can be purchased from companies such as Sears or Zappos.

How do sunglasses help protect your eyes?

the sunglasses help protect your eyes because they have darker shades which makes it harder for your eyes to see the sun (it blocks some of the sunlight)

Which online shop sell cheap sunglasses for women?

Honestly, cheap sunglasses maybe not authentic, they are fake perhaps. If you can not afford expensive ones, u can buy cheap ones from a lot of online shops.

Do sunglasses help with video games?

Sunglasses do help your eyes when you play video games.

Why are sunglasses considered a pair?

cause there are two eyes so two lenses in the sunglasses

Why do blind people were sunglasses?

Because they might have something in their eyes, like everything white, or they could not have an eye, the sunglasses covers the stuff that they have in their eyes

How do you protect the eyes?

You protect your eyes by wearing sunglasses or safety glasses.

What sunglasses provide the best UVA and UVB protection?

cheap sunglasses can be dangerous ask your optometrist for this advice

Why were sunglasses invented?

To protect your eyes from the sun

Does sunglasses wreck your eyes in the dark?


Why do you wear sunglasses in a laboratory?

To protect your eyes

What are the uses of sunglasses?

Sunglasses are used to keep the sun out of your eyes! They can also make you look cool

Are cheap sunglasses safe?

No because they are just cheap and does not have the right chemicals in it and other important medicals.