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Because they want the "easy way out", and do not want to earn their way through

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Q: Why do college students choose to drop their classes and finish them at their own time?
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Do all college and university students work during their summer vacation?

No, some do volunteer work, some take summer classes to finish their degree, and some of them stay home with their parents.

What do you call the rooms in a college that students live in until they finish college?

Dormitory Rooms, or Dorm Rooms for short.

What age do students finish school in china?

i know that most classes in high schools in china start around 7:00am

Is David Archuleta going to college?

He plans on taking online classes to finish his high school diploma first.

Where can I inquire anything about construction class?

Most construction classes are found at a local Community College or a Technical School. These classes are hands on type of classes with no "gen. ed." classes required. When you finish the class you will receive a certificate of completion.

Can I taking online educational courses?

Taking classes online is a popular way for working professionals to have the chance to earn a degree at their own pace. People who take online classes usually are looking for career advancement, career changes, or just want to finish a degree program they started at another college. There are hundreds of online programs and online schools to choose from, making it easier than ever before for prospective students to find the right one.

What percent graduate from college in Chile?

Approximately 30% of Chilean adults aged 25-64 have attained a college degree.

What is the cost per person in school at average?

For most students who finish college the average cost of schooling is around $350,000 dollars.

Did George Bush finish college?

yes he did finish college.

Is Monroe Community College a good college?

Any community college is a good school. You can save a great deal of money taking classes that transfer to a more expensive school or you can finish a great deal of associates degrees.

How can I cut my years in getting a bachelor's degree?

First take as many classes each semester as you can. Also take a full load in the summer semesters. Take extra classes at a community college that you can transfer to your main college. That will help you finish at least a year early.

Did Amelia Earhart finish college?

Amelia Earheart did finish college