Why do computer have hard disk?

Updated: 10/3/2023
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Hard Disks (or hard drives) are mainly used for Primary Storage. Typically most of the data on the computer, and the operating system, are stored on the harddrive. Without a hard drive or similar long-term storage, you would have to store data in RAM. RAM is volatile (temporary) memory which clears when the computer is turned off. Whereas hard drives will store data reliably without power, provided the hard drive and computer are functioning correctly.

Hard drives may also be utilized as overflow space if the computer runs out of RAM. Which harddrives are much slower (typically 50-100 MB/s) than RAM (1,600-8,000 MB/s) it is also far, far larger. Most harddrives are from 80 GB to 2,500 GB these days. This allows virtually limitless space for RAM to overflow to, and allow the system to keep functioning in the event of a RAM shortage. Computers typically only have 4 to 32 GB of RAM.

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A computer's internal hard-drive is the main storage device.

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Q: Why do computer have hard disk?
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Is a hard disk a hardware or a software?

A computer hard disk or hard drive (fixed disk) is hardware.

What is a hard disk hardware or software?

The computer's hard disk is hardware.

How do you copy Songs External Hard Disk to computer Hard Disk Drive where it will remain even after disconnecting the External HD from Computer?

Simply connect your external hard disk to your computer. Then select the songs you want to play later, copy them and paste to your computer hard drive. And after disconnecting your external hard disk you can now play the selected songs from your computer hard drive.

What does it mean when your computer says hard drive not found?

The best way, I think to answer that is to define what a computer (or in this case the motherboard of the computer) needs to find or identify a hard disk. A hard disk needs a power source, a connector to attach it to the motherboard, and a controller to talk to the microprocessor of the computer. If any of these things fail the hard disk will not function and the computer will not recognize it. In general when you see the message "hard disk not found" its because the computer can't recognize the hard disk. This can be from a bad cable (that connects the hard disk to the motherboard), no power to the hard disk, or a failed controller. In my experience, its usually a bad cable but there are times when the hard disk itself will fail. Generally, hard disk cables are far more fragile than hard disks.

Where is the OS in a computer?

The OS is stored in the Hard Disk of the computer.

How is a hard drive different from a hard disk?

a hard drive is built into the computer whereas a hard disk is seperate

How do you replace pata hard disk to sata hard disk?

to make the computer function

What is the capacity of the hard disk in the computer?

depends on the computer

Is hard disk is peripheral device?

No,hard disk is not a peripheral device it is esseintial part of computer

What is the device that reads from and writes to a floppy disk or hard disk?

a computer

What happens to the hard disk password if the disk is moved?

your computer will crash and you will be without a computer sux to be you hahaha

What is hard disk answer shortly?

Hard disk is also called hard drive. It is device where all computer memory is stored.